Definitions Of Cyborgs

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What makes somebody a cyborg? In today’s society science has evolved to new heights than ever before. With this evolution we see an entire new wave of technology being used to help people in revolutionary ways. The current definition for a cyborg is “a person whose physiological functioning is aided by or dependent upon a mechanical or electronic device.” (cyborg Def. 1). However, in our beloved Eastern Commonwealth we have grown to define them as something different. Instead of looking at cyborgs as humans that are aided by machines. We look at them as horrible robots that want to only cause harm. In this paper I will identify the modern acceptances for both natural and social science. Along with this I will use these sciences to show how …show more content…
Next, they hand you the rocks and ask you to find the difference between them, you are going to immediately have a preconceived notion that these are two different rocks. Therefore, even though you felt like you would be conducting real science finding differences between the two rocks, they are actually made up of the same things and both almost identical. This exact problem has existed for hundreds of years when looking at homo sapiens. When scientists have a preconceived knowledge that humans are different between race, gender and cyborgs their data is automatically flawed because they are looking for a difference instead of keeping an open mind and looking at everybody as one species. Along with the false studies of natural science the studies of social science have changed as well. In the past there has been heavy segregation in regards to social science. As seen in “Episode One - The Difference Between Us” when immigrants first started coming into this commonwealth, a huge problem erupted. The problem was, what defined each race and how were races decided? The result was that immigrants would have to go to courts and give their case to a judge on why they are white not …show more content…
After looking at multiple studies on the production of knowledge between both humans and cyborgs, I have concluded that there is no difference. Aside from the physical differences in limbs or other mechanical features there is no fundamental difference between humans and cyborgs. They have been recorded to logically think, feel, and work the same as everybody else. So this brought me to the question, why are cyborgs so suppressed? After researching this question, I found that the only reason we treat cyborgs as slaves with owners because we feel they are too dangerous alone. A while ago a couple cyborgs used their abilities to go on a spree of robberies. This one incident changed the way we have thought of cyborgs ever sense. So why have we judged an entire group of people on one small event. This is not only morally wrong, but hypocritical as well. If we use this as are basis of defining cyborgs as more dangerous, then the exact same could be said for human beings. Overall, because both cyborgs and humans are essentially the exact same both in natural science and social science, I feel this discrimination must stop. The current cyborg situation is extremely wrong in so many ways. We are taking cyborgs who are fundamentally the same as humans and forcing them to be slaves. They are treated like property just used to help support their

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