Movie Analysis: Robot And Frank

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The movie Robot and Frank, (Acord, Bisbee, Kelman-Bisbee, Niederhofee, Schreier, 2012) is about an elderly man and a robot that is forced upon him due to his son’s worry about his father’s life. Frank is an older man whose life is a bit of a mess. Frank is seen as an older man who can’t take care of himself and is known in his community as a thief. After his son comes to visit him and see’s that his house is in disarray, the son gives him a robot that is intended to be his caretaker. Once the son leaves, Frank refuses the help of his caretaking robot but soon learns that he can train the robot to steal. Wanting to get back into the life of stealing, Frank shows the robot how to steal. Frank finds himself unknowingly becoming friends with the …show more content…
71). The robot in “Robot and Frank” is the main caregiver of Frank. The Robot remains faithful and respectful throughout the movie but also lies and steals. This brings up the question if the Robot is ethically correct for Frank. The reasoning for the lies and stealing is to keep frank healthy, happy and active. The robot has working definitions of what it means to steal but has no understanding of the concept, Frank however does. Frank uses the robot in ways that it was unattended for. A solution for this would have been to train Frank on how to properly use the robot or have the manufactures of these robots install a better program into the robot that keeps them from being used …show more content…
The lack of consideration of what Frank wants by both Hunter and the robot show the ethical issues surrounding autonomy. Is it ok to ignore what an individual wants based on programming and paternalism? No. There is a need for informed consent and it is the right of the consumer to give it. The fidelity, beneficence, and nonmaleficence are all called into question because of the fact that the robot is taught how to steal in order to make Frank healthy and happy. There has to be some sort of justice that would allow the robot to become more ethically correct and at the same time be a good caretaker to individual who may need artificial intelligent

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