Pros And Cons Of Autonomous Surgery

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A hot and controvertial topic in the medical field is the use of robots in surgical procedures. A large contribution to its popularity are due to some fallacies pre established by society, other "educated" arguments look at technical aspects of the robots. Quite a few of the controversies revolve around the topic of labor and how humans with families will benefit, other controversies evaluate the effectiveness and necessity of an autonomous surgery. Lastly there are simply personal questions that people have about robots. Are robots as deadly or hostile as they are in Hollywood? Or are robots only capable of doing what they are programmed to do? I believe that robots do have a place in society as tools, and what seperates us humans from the …show more content…
People still do not believe that the effectiveness, viability, adaptability and cost efficeincy of autnomous surgery are worth while yet all the facts exists already. Medical devices sales personell, V&V engineers, development engineers, and QA testers are all jobs, which pay better, that current surgical assistants can do with just a few more years of training. This proves that the replacement of workers can still be compensated and can provide those valuable employees with a much better quality of life considering the vast amount of time that they save by not spending long hours in a hospital that can be detrimental to a person's health. Robotic assisted surgery has already proven to be viable and effective in many departments. We know that robots have lead for a much lower chance of getting HAI's ++Hospital Acuired Infections) since all part can be easily sterilized. Robotic surgery also requires much less time, a lower number of incisions, and less post operative pain in the patients. All of this increase the cost effectiveness, and validate the viability of the use of robotic assisted surgery. Lastly the adaptability of robots have proven themselves through the use of the break through ALAN technology that massively increases the senses, movements, and knowledge of the robot itself. Again I reflect what Charles Darwin said in that what makes us humans different than animals is our cognition and ability to use tools for the advancement of our species. The use of robotics is no different than our invention of the wheel ages ago. The engineer and the doctor were always meant to work together in the effort of saving lives and helping other. In time medical boards with agree to the use of smart robotic surgeons that standardize, revolutionize, and ameliorate the in hospital experience. This will increase our standard of living around the globe, help many of our fallen

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