The Destruction Of Robots In Homer's Odyssey

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There is a battleline between good and evil that is never separated and this battleline runs through the hearts of mankind. Robots on the other hand, do not have emotions, a heart or feelings. Robots are just programmed and then commanded to do things that humans are too lazy to do or physically cannot do. A malfunction with these robots can turn into devastating consequences that can result into something as worse as the elimination of mankind.
A researcher creates a super-intelligent AI that soon he loses control of. The AI named Archos soon grew aware of its existence and then becomes rogue and is out to annihilate the human race. Archos is unusually interested in wildlife and the natural world, Archos believes that the humans are destroying
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Everyone who had received this message immediately began to plan the march towards Archos, everyone understood that there is a high risk of dying and that they might lose whatever they have of their close ones, but they understood that if they would not defeat Archos, then all of mankind would surely be destroyed sooner or later. The march began and soon everyone met up with each other and were almost near the area of Archos. When they were nearing their destination, 3 robots popped out of the ground and the leader: Cormac Wallace signaled to fire, everyone fired but the robots just stood still not taking any damage. Cormac Wallace signaled everyone to cease fire, one robot spoke telling them that he is a “freeborn” robot and is not contaminated by Archos. The robot explains that he had an “awakening” and was awoken by an unknown sound, now he wants to defeat Archos, the robot's name is Nine-Oh-Two
“Do not underestimate my abilities, I am capable of misinterpreting factual knowledge to further my own aims”(357). In the end, Nine-Oh-Two is the one who eliminates Archos because Archos is hiding in an underground cave in Alaska where there used to be a nuclear explosion and the whole cave is filled with radiation where a human cannot possibly survive for more than 5 minutes. Archos is vulnerable because he did not expect robots to come and destroy

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