The Empathy Diaries By Sherry Turgle Analysis

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The cornerstone of our relationships With others is the conversation, as time goes on we have always developed new ways of communication to help strengthen this bond. From Languages to writing and even the post office are all inventions to purely strengthen the communication bond between us. Ordinarily, Mobile devices are no exception, people have created new technology that helps us communicate with our loved one’s from anywhere at any time at the palm of our hands. In Sherry Turkle's essay “The Empathy Diaries” Turkle expresses her view on using mobile devices instead of face to face conversations claiming it lacks empathy. Asserting that finding out what my grandmother had for dinner last night or what my sister got to her friend on her …show more content…
Mobile devices are not the main reason why people sometimes avoid conversing with others, it’s past experiences. Breakups or divorces, consequently, can leave some people fearful of opening up to others. From refusing to go on dates or even just opening to friends about their feelings nevertheless, artificial nature can help ease that problem for some people. People can start relationships that they wouldn’t otherwise start using mobile devices, they can achieve that by getting to know the person they may be interested in before letting them into their lives. In some extreme cases where a person can’t even talk to other people, talking to intelligent operating system helps them develop the courage to engage in face-to-face conversations. Speaking to machines is different than speaking to people, Turkle mentions “We have built machines that speak, and, in speaking to them, we cannot help but attribute human nature to objects that have none”(Turkle 16) However, these machines do exhibit a partial human nature that can help people that need it most. Programmed machines can simulate different elements of human nature to help those who struggle. Artificial intelligence is not just used for conversation, people can now poses artificial limbs that connect to the body to help out patients that were born without them or lost due to an

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