The Pros And Cons Of The Monroe Doctrine

Register to read the introduction… It aimed to limit European expansion in the Americas after the United States had accepted the responsibility of being a protector of the newly independent states. In 1823, when news stirred of Spain and France restoring their combined power to bring war upon the new nations, it appalled the British who felt all the work statesmen had done to get France out of the New World would be undone. The British wanted the support of the United States, but Adams felt instead of standing behind the British war seekers, they would come out with their own independent doctrine stating the Western Hemisphere’s independence from European …show more content…
The Venezuelan dictator had perpetually deferred payment on bonds held by German investors and owed money to British collectors. Both countries agreed to send a combined fleet to create a blockade in Venezuela ports after delivering an ultimatum demanding immediate settlement of their claims. Even though this forth extension was in opposition to the international law, Roosevelt added through the Drago Doctrine which prohibited any foreign force in the Western Hemisphere, even if the only reason for their occupation was for the collection of debt.
To Roosevelt the Monroe Doctrine was a guarantee of commercial independence for the Americas and the United States should intervene itself in the domestic affairs of its neighbors if they proved unable to protect U.S. investments in the region on their
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had to be a police power in the Western Hemisphere when Europeans wanted to forcefully collect their debt. Continual wrongdoing by European nations needed the intervention of a “civilized society.” It is the job of the United States to uphold stability in the Americas and non-payment of debts interfered with the stability, so the U.S. is forced to intervene. This extension to the Doctrine became known as the Roosevelt Corollary. It replaced European intervention with that of the United States. This extension often causes the forth to be overlooked because they both refer to European powers using force to collect debt, but the Roosevelt Corollary states the police role of the United States and he attached it to the Monroe Doctrine to win public

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