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I wish to be considered for an APS 3 Administrative Assistant position with CrimTrac. I believe I am a strong candidate for this role due to my relevant experience in similar roles, and my highly-developed professional skill set.
I am currently employed at Hillross Financial as an Office Administrator/Receptionist. This role requires me to be the first point of contact for all current and potential clients, and other external stakeholders. I am a high performer in this role due to my strong customer service ethic and positive attitude.
I have well-developed coordination skills and apply these in my current role through my responsibilities for responding to all incoming enquiries and correspondence, and delegating any follow-up tasks to the
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I have previously liaised with an Executive Assistant APS 4 in the Department of Health who has talked me through the system processes and general policies surrounding travel coordination. I am able to quickly adapt to new processes and systems, and strongly believe I could fulfil this section of the role profile regardless of having limited experience.
In my current role I partake in weekly practice meetings, in which I often contribute ideas and identify opportunities to improve business processes. I am responsible for ensuring the meeting agenda, income tracker, SOA (statement of advice) workflow monitor, compensation workflow monitor and lodgement workflow monitor are open on the meeting room computer for discussion. Additionally, I partake in quarterly performance reviews with my executive director and practice manager to ensure that I am fulfilling my job role successfully. I have met each of my KPI’s at every quarterly performance
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I strongly believe in the seven c’s of communication; clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete and courteous and I always ensure to apply these in each role I undertake.
I have strong time-management skills with the capability to complete my workload within the required time frame. My past experience in the Hospitality Industry has exposed me to working in a fast paced environment, where I was required to think on my feet and at times multi-task. An example of this was in my role of Supervisor at The Canberra Rex Hotel; I was responsible for ensuring junior staff where completing cleaning procedures effectively, whilst liaising with suppliers and ordering food and beverage stock for the upcoming period.
My strongest attribute is my willingness to learn and upskill so that I can enhance my capabilities and performance. I am currently working towards obtaining a Certificate III in Business Administration to refine my administrative skillset. I regularly partake in online webinars and teleconferences relating to new Finance legislation and product updates. This enables me to educate and support clients and colleagues. In addition to this, I partake in online training programs to enhance and evaluate my knowledge on Finance legislation, policies and best practice

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