Learning Styles In College

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Over the past month I have been learning about way to better myself academically and ways to successfully transfer into the college of my choice. What I have came to realize is that I may not be as prepared for college as I had thought. After we took the learning styles assessment, I was surprised to find out that I am a very organized person. My two main learning styles were: solitary and logical. Both of those learning styles tell me that I am organized and like things neat and clean. This would be helpful in college because in order to be successful you must be organized. Being neat and organized really helps when taking notes or studying for a test because it allows you to be able to quickly find what you are looking for and be able to tell what you took notes on. Test taking is made easier when you use common sense or prior knowledge to answer the question without having to second guess yourself.

Over the years I have went back and forth about what I want to do after college or even after high-school. As graduation draws nearer I have decide on a
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The culture of a College determines the atmosphere of the College and decides the reputation that the College gets over time. College culture is an important deciding factor when choosing a College. After doing research on the College I want to attend, I have decided that I like it even more. The culture of my chosen College seems to be good and I get the feeling that everyone there wants to help new students feel as comfortable as possible. There are many services offered that are designed to help new students successfully adapt to the College life. My chosen College offers a ton of programs that are helpful in making College easier and fun. When I transfer to King University I hope to enroll in many of these programs so that I can get as much as I can out of the College

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