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The Community College Day trip to Austin was an amazing experience. We were able to see the states capitol, get to meet representatives, and even speak to a few state senators. Although the building was packed with people it was worth cramming through. We were able to see the entire Capitol building from the Rotunda to the ground floor basements. The entire building was beyond beautiful and had an historical vibe to it. We soon learned that it wasn’t just Community College Day, but there were thousands of people there for other events. I was personally honored that the Capitol and all of the staff members were nice enough to recognize us specifically for the occasion.
Personally I’ve never been anywhere other than Houston and New Orleans
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For example, Community College Day. Honestly I never knew how much of a big deal it was until I actually imagined the world without community colleges. When I was in high school I was a fairly good student with good grades but I am a horrible test taker. So anything like a Benchmark, STARR, or TAKS was a nightmare for me. Eventually those tests brought my average down and I wasn’t able to go straight to a university so I had to apply to a community college. So that’s one factor as to why community colleges are so important to millions of people who want to go to school. Another factor would be money. Let’s say community colleges didn’t exist and going straight to a university was my only option. I would be spending thousands of dollars to get the same thing I am getting now at a community college. Many of people try to downplay community colleges but it’s a life saver to so many people. There’s people who can’t afford going to a university, and there’s people who grades just aren’t good enough. I look at community college as a fresh start. When you’re young you do stupid things. You make mistakes like everyone on this planet like for example, not caring about your grades in high school. Before you know it you’re a senior in high school and you realize how important it is but it’s too late to pick up your GPA. Without community college …show more content…
Even if someone doesn’t want to go to a university afterwards, they can still get a degree that can get them a decent paying job. This experience has enabled me to realize many things. I now have a greater interest in political topics and I want to get involved more. I want to express my opinion and I want thousands of people to do it with me. I want to make a positive influence on people and I want them to know that their voice matters. I want to trust my government more. I want to learn more about community colleges and how to teach others to give them more credit for giving millions of people a second chance. I think that all of these things are possible with the right amount of effort and the right amount of people. My main lesson learned is none of these things can be accomplished if we don’t have the right intentions from the start. We can get involved but that doesn’t mean a thing if we can’t practice togetherness first. Without togetherness, getting involved will only result in more conflict and opposed suggestions. If everyone can feel like it will be beneficial to them then everyone will want to make things work for their better interest. Which will result in everyone coming together, setting their differences aside and making a real change in the world for

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