What Is Community College Essay

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Community colleges.

Although many people believe that community colleges is not a real college, I disagree with this. Community college is same as university, because you have the same education. Many people get the wrong impressions of how community college is. My whole family went to community college, and they have a decent job. Community college are just as good as other big universities. We need to change this culture that thinks community colleges are not like universities. This is also affecting the students who are attending community colleges because they feel like they 're not attending a real college. We need to be aware of how we label Community Colleges.
In her essay, “The Community College/ Real College’ Divide,” Kristin
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Tom Hanks says that community college accepted everyone it gives who needs a second chance or those who can 't afford. Hanks tell us that community colleges provides opportunities that big universities would not do, Tom Hanks hopes that two year community colleges comprehensible to nine years. He says that this will help “ another generation of mothers , single parents and workers who have been out of job market, need lower obstacles between now and the next chapter of their lives” so on. This is why for many ways they attend community colleges: it is open to anyone, they make it possible for others to be educated. Community colleges making them free is whole new chapter, millions people life will drastically change for better, for some even community college is a …show more content…
And the best part community college is open to anyone who want head start on their education. I’m in the United State for not long and what I learned this semester is more than what I learned throughout my life. I can 't describe my happiness and the experience I got. Community college motivated me to further my education, anyone can reach their dream. If community colleges did not accept me, I wouldn 't pursue this dream of mine and it wouldn 't be possible.
His essay “Community Colleges Play More Vital Role than Ever” President of Saint Paul College, Rassoul Dastmozd, says that community college isn 't just college it plays a lot big important role. Rasoul tells us you don 't need to sacrifice to do smart spending choice. He says c
Community college isn 't what he called “cheap seats” it is open for anyone who wants to pursue a career, learn some new skills. They can transfer to 4 year degree after 2 year they saved a lot of money. A quote that Rasoul said that stand out to me was when he said “Saint Paul College is the key to our economy wilder research rejected the results of a study that estimates the economic impact of Saint Paul on the twin cities to be 250 million dollar and estimate 2,471 jobs”. I knew community was a key to our economy but seriously 256 million economic impact, which astonished me of how important community college

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