Why I Choose To Join A Community College

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You have applied for admission in a community college. You got the admission in that college. You have met the counselor and planned everything that you need for your major. But when you try to register for the classes, are you able to register for all the classes that you need? What if you don’t get the classes that you need for your major, because they were full? So what are you going to do if this is happening to you every semester? You don’t have to worry about that anymore-I have all the information that you need to know. After graduating from high school, college opens a gate for a lot of new opportunities. Students choose to join a community college over a traditional 4-year under graduate college due to various reasons. It is a fact that 29 percent of the University of California and 51 percent of the California State University graduates have started at a community college (“Key facts”). Once a person has joined a community college, registering for the required courses is the most important part. Taking the classes required for the major, as planned with the help of a counselor, is important as it will help the student to finish the courses …show more content…
This would keep them motivated and would help them focus on their goals. Many students are undetermined about their major when they join college and they might take classes that are not necessary for them, but those classes might be necessary for other students. This is decreasing the chances of getting the course for students who really need that class. Giving priority would rule out this case as this would separate the students who know what they want to major in from the students who are not determined about their major, giving an opportunity for the students who really need the class to finish the course on

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