The Second Vatican Council Analysis

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A1. Pope John XXII announced the Second Vatican council (ecumenical council) of the Roman Catholic Church on January 25, 1959, as a chance for the church to take part in a renewal. Pope John XXII called the Council shortly after he was elected. He noticed that the Church needed to make the message of faith relevant to people in the twentieth century. Ecumenical councils had been called before, but usually during times of great crisis for the church. To most Catholics in 1959, the church didn’t seem to be struggling and most Catholics couldn’t even comprehend the problems that John clearly saw in the Catholic community. Even thought there weren’t any problems going on inside the Church, the Church noticed the trauma and fear that both World War I and World War I were putting on the members of the community. Seeing his people struggle, Pope John XXII conscience kept telling him to call the council more and more. On October 11, 1962 there was invitations sent to Protestant and Orthodox …show more content…
Learning about Dorothy Day & The Catholic Worker helps me understand that living as church can be shown in many different ways and by many different types of people. Dorothy Day is a perfect example; she may not have all the money in the world to give to the people she’s helping, but she is willing to donate her time and all of her effort to create a place where these suffering people can call their homes. It is crazy to think that creating a newspaper will produce enough money that Day and her partners can provide a home for the people that need it the most. It also showed me that living as Church will not only be doing a good deed for the people around you, it will eventually catch up with you and all the good that you did for others will pay off in the long run. No matter what Day went through she always trusted that God had her back even when the Catholic Church wasn’t supporting what she was doing, and this proved to me that anyone could do anything with the right

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