The Longest 10 Seconds Of My Life Essay

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The Longest 10 Seconds of My Life I will never forget where I was in the bank that day when he came in the door. It was nearly 5:30 on a Friday, which meant it was almost the weekend. What made it even more exciting was I did not have to work on Saturday. We had started the preparations for closing so we would be able to walk out the door as close to 6:00 as possible. I had my back turned counting the money one of the floating tellers had just sold to me. It was a very laid back environment that day. Everyone, with the exception of Donna, our manager, was sitting up at the teller station just hanging out waiting for the clock to strike 6:00. I had just finished counting the money when I heard Megan say, “Oh shit, we are about to be robbed”. No sooner did I turn my back than there he was. He was standing right in front of me, dressed from head to toe in black with heavy black pants and a heavy black coat, like you might see at a Carhartt store. He was also sporting a black ski mask and gloves. As a bank employee, I was trained for just this situation and was told that statistically, that if I was to be robbed, the robber would want the robbery to be as smooth and quiet as possible. The robber would want to go in and out quickly and unnoticed. Usually the robbery would involve handing a note to the teller. Unfortunately, I was about to become the exception to the rule. It was, for me, the scene out of an overdramatized TV crime show. Immediately he slammed his hand on…

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