The Importance Of English As A Second Language

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The ability to communicate in more than one language has become really important, and not only in the professional world. According to UNESCO, learning another language opens up access to other value systems and other ways of interpreting the world, while encouraging intercultural understanding and even contributing to reducing xenophobia. The globalization of the 21st century’s economy, international business mergers and the growth of technology, have contributed to the need to master a common language to communicate easily between different cultures. This common language has become English.
Globalization is also one of the main reasons why so many students leave their countries to study abroad. American universities are an Eldorado
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It is a program that helps non-native English speaker learn English. ESL has existed since the Equal Educational Opportunities Act of 1974. ESL teaches distinct English language skills depending on student English level, abilities, needs and interests. All ESL classes teach writing, grammar, listening, conversational English, vocabulary and reading.
At NJIT, first year and transfer students are required to take a placement test after being admitted. This placement test is for American students and foreign students. The test consists mainly of two parts: mathematics and English even though placement in other required courses such as physics, chemistry and computer science are based on high school performance, SAT/ACT scores, the math placement test, advance course credits and departmental standards. The English test is required of undergraduate students from other countries and those whose English proficiency is limited. The result of the test determines placement in the appropriate course in the first semester (ENG 095 or the sequence HUM 099-SL & 100-SL). Students are not permitted to enroll in any cultural history course until they complete HUM 099-SL & 100-SL. It is common to see from the test results that mathematics scores are higher than the essay scores for foreign students. Therefore,
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At NJIT, not all ESL teachers have the specific certification or qualification to teach. This could be a barrier to the ESL programs, as the teacher will take longer to understand how to share, educate students.

NJIT ESL teachers need to personalize classes, homework or exams. NJIT ESL teachers should get to know the needs and the circumstances of their students. They should get to know a little about each student, where they are coming from, if they work or not, do they like they live. Even though this may sound unreal, it will help teachers develop a closer relationship with the students.

Students/Teacher collaboration ESL should not be treated as an add-on. It should in contrary be collaboration between teachers (not only ESL specialist but any other teacher), between teachers and students. First of all, ESL students already feel marginalized due to their English limitation, if there is a fence between the departments, this could create a fence between teachers and students that will make exchange

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