Learning A Second Language

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Learning a second language (L2) is a difficult process for children and adults. Learning English as a child is different from learning it as an adult. Both ages have different reasons to learn and different ways therefore, teachers should have different approaches to teach them in order for them to learn and acquire the English as a second language.
From their earliest age, children are capable of acquiring a first or a native language (L1) and a second language. Although they do not have any basics for the languages, they are able to communicate. Before entering the school, children acquire simple English vocabulary. Furthermore, in the school they learn major principles of the English language such as simple grammar, writing, and the right
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Adults have motivation, which helps them and stimulates the process of learning. According to (Mouili, et al., 2014), Technology gives many opportunities to learn English, which are accessible outside the school, this demonstrates the importance of the motivation. For this matter the learners how are motivated are more likely to succeed in learning a foreign language. (p. 126) Motivation plays a large roll in learning a L2. Some reasons for adults to learn English are: to be able to communicate with other speakers of English, learning the history and culture of countries which have English as native language such as United States, Britain, Australia, and Canada and to get a better job. Adults can use motivation to learn English, despite that they face difficulties when it comes to learn a second language. Although they already have acquired the L1, they tend to have difficult periods learning the L2. Mouili et al., (2014) state that English is difficult language, which includes Germanic, Latin, and French words, but none of the speakers of those languages are able to understand fully what an English speaker might be saying. In addition, another difficulty in learning English is the pronunciation (p. 127) Major problems adults have to overcome when learning a …show more content…
Children are able within the first few years of their lives to acquire a first and even a second language and they are capable to communicate successfully. Although adults have fully acquired their native language, they tend to have some difficulties connecting with the first language when they try to learn a second language. Teaching children and adults English might be difficult and different therefore, the teacher has to use different activates and

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