Benefits Of Multilingualism

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Shreya Baral
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Virginia International University
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Dr. Marietta Bradinova October 4, 2016

Multilingualism- assessing benefits. Issues in Promoting Multilingualism
Paradowski, M.B. (2011)

Language is a rational and social tool which helps in accessing concepts and meanings, solving problems through logical system, is the basis for organizational knowledge, supports in human interactions and determination of social status along with defining educational opportunities. Talking about multilingualism, it is the ability to speak more than one language. Multilingualism doesn’t require
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One study showed that students who can speak multi language showed consistent improved performance over their other schoolmates (who spoke just one language) in core subject areas mainly in problem-solving and math exercises. Bilingual speakers are also quick in swapping between perspectives, and able to ignore distractions easily which help them in resolving conflicting information. It is also believed that bilinguals are good listeners and have sharper memories.
Being bilingual opens up one’s opportunities to express oneself and communicate with people and can also increase job opportunities in many careers. It is also believed that this can lead to biological changes such as, minimizing the risk of developing ADHD in children, or helping children already diagnosed with the disorder. Being bilingual is also a form of exercise of different areas of the brain increasing blood supply.
Despite many advantages, there is a price pay for being bilingual. It is difficult for bilinguals to recall words in each of the languages. This means lower speech fluency. Along with this they tend to forget the word they want to use in the conversation.
At the conclusion, the author queries should the children be encouraged to learn and speak their native languages, even if they use the standard language that they hear in the street and at

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