English As A Second Language Advantages

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While English is commonly used in the United States and spoken widely throughout the world, it is by no means the most prominent language globally. If a student wishes to travel or do business internationally, it is crucial that they have a foundational understanding of other languages. Additionally, the study of foreign languages can enlighten a student into the culture of other nations. It would be ultimately beneficial for all American students to learn a foreign language as part of their required curriculum.
There is much ado in America about foreigners, whether they be immigrants or tourists, not having a mediocre grasp of the English language. In other parts of the world, at least main tourist destinations, the locals are more patient
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In the past couple of decades, business has become a global scale due to development of the internet and utilization of improved shipping methods. Many companies now have offices, warehouses, and factories spread between multiple countries which often speak a different language. For those interested in a career in business or finance, it is becoming crucial that they know the language and customs of their foreign counterparts so that they can form alliances and compete in the global market. The growing work force of China is predominately Mandarin speaking and many nations which the United States trades with speak a dialect of Spanish. While it is possible for an individual to learn a secondary language later in life, it is easier and often a more natural use is acquired when learned at a young age. This has been formulated into part of the Psychological theory termed the “Critical Period Hypothesis” which infers second language acquisition is best as younger ages (Birdsong, …show more content…
Other languages are believed by these people to be unnecessary, even for those that immigrated here: “…you came to America and assimilated into the culture, you presumably wanted to, otherwise you wouldn’t have immigrated.” (Nordlinger 611). What they do not understand is that knowing only one language will not get these students as far in life as they could go. These people think that it should not be necessary for students to have credits in other languages in order to graduate or to obtain certain jobs. A successful student, one that will stand out from the rest, is one that is cultured and knowledgeable beyond the basic core

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