Second Battle of Bull Run

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  • Second Battle Of Bull Run Essay

    The second battle of Bull Run also known as the “Second Battle of Manassas” was Larger in scale than the first. There were four primary generals, General Robert E. Lee, Major General John Pope, and Major General George B. McClellan. It had four times the amount of casualties than the original Battle of Bull Run. Taken place in Northern Virginia it was a battle between Union and Confederate Armies on August 28-30 1862. John Pope led the Union army, and on the Confederate side General Robert E. Lee led the way. The Union army had the most casualties while the Confederate army suffered loses but minimal compared to the Union army. Major General George B McClellan demoted from overall command by President Abraham Lincoln, would only command the…

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  • Summary Of The Killer Angels By Micheal Shaara

    The book The Killer Angels by Micheal Shaara is about the battle of Gettysburg and attempts to convey the historical event by presenting it in a fashion that feels fictional, but is based on documents and letters that were set around that time. The book covers the event through the eyes of different confederate and union officers, and is told in such a way that you feel sympathetic to the characters because you can see their panic, and the decision making process that each officer uses. This…

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  • Wade Hampton III: A Career As A Social Activist

    He was was a very educated many who graduated from the college of South Carolina and slowly worked his way through the ranks in the military since he had no prior experience in the service. He took part in many battles which he won and allowed the confederates to advance during the war. Multiple battles were won in which Hampton fought in and were won. His hard work and dedication allowed him to rise through the ranks and soon became a Major General even after having been wounded numerous times…

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  • Civil War Photography

    tragedy that war really was. This process of capturing the realities of war required a lot of trial and error, as combat had never been attempted to be photographed before. This process began with a rocky start, photographing the First Battle of Bull Run, did not go exactly as Brady had hoped, he was unable to capture any real battle scenes and in the commotion of the Union retreat he was not really able to capture the reality of the battle 's aftermath. Slowly but surely Brady was able to…

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  • This Republic Of Suffering Analysis

    The book This Republic of Suffering illustrates the great deal of hardship the American Civil War brought upon not only the soldiers fighting the battles along with the generals and political officials at the front of the war but also how the civilians were affected. The book shows how people of this time dealt with death and how the death of so many young soldiers would change their lives forever. It is evident after reading this book that the war brought many struggles that the American people…

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  • Civil War: The First Battle Of Bull Run

    The First Battle of Bull Run was not only a prelude to the way the Civil War would unfold but it highlighted the importance of intelligence and sound judgment. Bull Run, also known as the First Manassas, was the deadliest ground battle the United States had seen in any war up to that point (McDonald, 1999). The battle came after eleven southern states seceded from the union and pushed out union troops from Fort Sumter, South Carolina. The key mistakes made by the Federalist, Union Army, led…

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  • Colonel Reb As The Mascot: A Case Study

    signatures to protest Reb 's expulsion. And when The New York Times interviewed fans at a recent Ole Miss football game, the resistance to a new mascot was obvious: “Over. My. Dead. Body, ' said Mack Allen, 36, an alumnus and technology analyst from Memphis, who wore a T-shirt to a recent football game that read, 'Colonel Reb — Loved by Many, Hated by Few.” (Jefferson, 2010) An article published by Los Angeles times titled “Rebel Yell Over Mascot at Ole Miss” Dahlburg (2003) referred to the…

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  • Essay On The Rebel Yell

    As the Union advanced toward the battle field many of the Union troops yelled. The way the Union described the yell was called, “The Rebel Yell.” The so called, “The Rebel Yell,” was the best way to describe the yelling on the battlefield at Bull Run. The Rebel Yell was to scare the enemy and make them feel like they had more power than the attacker. Many people say the yell was actually originated from Native Americans and taught them how to yell the way Native Americans did. The yell sounded…

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  • The Importance Of The Battle Of Bull Run

    It was not only the first major battle of the Union and Confederate Armies, but it was also the Union’s first loss. The battle took place on 21 July 1861 and it referred as the battle of Manassas, however, became known as the Battle of the Bull Run due to meander stream where the battle took placed named Bull Run. It is important to point out that the battle was in repercussion from the attack of the Confederates Armies at Fort Sumter on 12 April 1861 near Charlestown South Carolina, “this is…

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  • Canadian Involvement In Ww1

    against the German and Austro-Hungarian empires. The first major battle fought by Canadian troops in the First World War took place from 22 April to 25 May 1915, outside the Belgian city of Ypres. After arriving at Ypres, the Canadian soldiers took a position between the British and French division. Two Canadian brigades were in the front lines, with a third in reserve near Ypres. On April 22, at 5 p.m., the Germans released gas against the French 45th Division to the Canadians’ left. When it…

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