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  • Seaworld Parks And Entertainment Inc.: A Case Study

    veteran trainer (Dawn Brancheau) in 2006 at Sea World during a show. Other workers used nets as an alarm sounded, booted the audience out of the stadium at that time. However, it was too late. She was killed by Tilkum, and people witnessed the accident. An audience (Eldon Skaggs) said that he heard the whale was not responding to directions during an earlier show. Besides, this was not first time to kill people for Tilikum, it was third time. A head of animal training at all Sea World parks (Chuck Tompkins) said “there wasn’t anything to indicate that there was a problem.” He also mentioned that Tilikum had performed well in the show. Strange to say, as he was big and previous deaths, trainers were not supposed to swim with him, and only some trainers worked with him. In these trainers, Brancheau was one of the most experienced trainers. SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment Inc…

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  • Positive Effects Of Orcas In Captivity

    The Effects of Orcas in Captivity Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of the killer whale shows at SeaWorld? So much preparation goes into the shows at SeaWorld. This causes frustration within the whales that can result in whales acting out on other whales and SeaWorld trainers. So, is captivity good for the orcas? Despite the fact that millions of people go to SeaWorld every year to see the killer whales, the animals are actually mistreated. If SeaWorld doesn’t change their ways, then…

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  • Seaworld Ethical Cases

    George Millay, Milt Shedd, Ken Norris and David DeMott originally founded the SeaWorld we know today in the late 1950’s to early 1960’s. It was originally a subsidiary of Busch Gardens, housing a bird sanctuary, and eventually it turned into a water park. Its founders, however, had plans for the facility. They envisioned an underwater restaurant that would allow guests to look into a large pool and see marine animals close up but that idea soon expanded when Ted Griffin, sold Shamu to SeaWorld…

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  • The Psychological Effects On Killer Whales In Captivity

    animals most commonly remain with their family unit for most of or all of their lives. Every pod has its own unique sounds, closely resembling a form of language (National Geographic). Being brought into captivity, whales are put into confined spaces with other whales from different places, different pods, and different cultures. Although these whales look the same, they all have different identities with emotions similar to humans. While housing whales individually leads to isolation issues,…

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  • Blackfish Film Techniques

    Captured Entertainment In a notorious documentary directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, stories of remarkable yet highly viscous orca whales are recognized. In this film, Blackfish, former SeaWorld trainers and employees are interviewed in order to discover and expose the truth about the astounding conditions and treatment of these well cherished killer whales. While held in captivity, the orca whales exemplify horrific and shocking behavior, that would not otherwise exist in the wild. Blackfish…

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  • Case Study Of Seaworld

    of life, but living in captivity may not allow them to realize the full benefit of cultural theory. This is not what the founders of SeaWorld envisioned. Therefore, because of documentaries like Black Fish and pressure from animal researchers, activist and those who embrace cultural theory, SeaWorld is moving away from the practice of holding orcas in captivity. This may seem like a potential disaster for such a successful business model and only time will tell the future success of SeaWorld,…

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  • Write An Essay On Captive Animals

    Animals used in circuses spend most of their lives chained inside boxcars and never get to live without restrictions. In zoos, animals often live in enclosures or cages that are many times smaller than their homes in the wild. In marine parks like SeaWorld, orcas are given what is, all in all, a concrete bathtub to live in. Elephants are clever, considerate, and affectionate animals. They have the largest brains of any land animal. They care about each other and can become depressed when they…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Orca Captivity

    Should Orcas Be Set Free? Many people can probably say they have been to a Shamu show at SeaWorld. They probably sat and watched how the magnificent Killer Whales do everything their trainer 's say. It’s amazing how well they listen and are able to learn all the different motions. In the 1960’s, Orcas began being hunted and sold to amusement parks for millions of dollars. They are pack animals, and travel together within their pod. Orcas are taken from their families, are underfed, and spend…

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  • How Do Sea World Regulate Whales

    David Perle from PETA points out that “orcas in the wild do not regurgitate their food although they constantly do at SeaWorld, betraying their frustration and causing a health…

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  • Rhetoric Techniques In The Film, Blackfish

    that orca whales in captivity should be free, by the using the art of persuasion. A plethora of persuasive rhetoric was evident throughout the duration of the film. It is clear orcas should stay in the ocean since they are killing more people when captive. In addition, killer whales are better off in the wild since they are cruelly captured and handled by humans. The motion picture used an exceptional variety of techniques known as ethos, pathos, and logos to persuade the public that whales so…

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