Seaworld Parks And Entertainment Inc.: A Case Study

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There was an accident that a killer whale (Tilikum) drew and killed a veteran trainer (Dawn Brancheau) in 2006 at Sea World during a show. Other workers used nets as an alarm sounded, booted the audience out of the stadium at that time. However, it was too late. She was killed by Tilkum, and people witnessed the accident. An audience (Eldon Skaggs) said that he heard the whale was not responding to directions during an earlier show. Besides, this was not first time to kill people for Tilikum, it was third time. A head of animal training at all Sea World parks (Chuck Tompkins) said “there wasn’t anything to indicate that there was a problem.” He also mentioned that Tilikum had performed well in the show. Strange to say, as he was big and previous deaths, trainers were not supposed to swim with him, and only some trainers worked with him. In these trainers, Brancheau was one of the most experienced trainers.
SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment Inc
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This company operates and maintains eleven theme parks located throughout the United States. SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment Inc is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. Number of full time employees are 5,000 in 2014 and part time employees and seasonal employees are approximately 13,700. Full time employees have medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Accidental death and dismemberment, short and long term disability, 401k plan with company match are also covered. Furthermore, they are accepted free admission and family tickets and so on. On the other hand, part time employees and seasonal employees do not have any insurance. They are covered 401k plan and free admission, team member

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