Seaworld Ethical Cases

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George Millay, Milt Shedd, Ken Norris and David DeMott originally founded the SeaWorld we know today in the late 1950’s to early 1960’s. It was originally a subsidiary of Busch Gardens, housing a bird sanctuary, and eventually it turned into a water park. Its founders, however, had plans for the facility. They envisioned an underwater restaurant that would allow guests to look into a large pool and see marine animals close up but that idea soon expanded when Ted Griffin, sold Shamu to SeaWorld in 1965. According SeaWorld veteran trainer John Hardgrove, their original vision “required the park to cultivate the visitors’ curiosity about and concern for the animal life of the oceans - a perfect balance of environmentalism and capitalism (29).” …show more content…
The inspector, however, does not need to be trained in any capacity. In fact, many species protected by the AWA and the Endangered Species Act still remain in captivity even with numerous charges, lawsuits, and accusations pending of animal abuse (Beverage 155). Furthermore, SeaWorld has their own internal review that decides whether or not the accusations are legitimate or not before passing the information on to the Secretary of Agriculture who then can decide whether or not to fine the company for said charges. Like with Feld Entertainment, companies do not have to disclose any information to the public and do not have to admit to guilt if they settle on a deal and pay the fines. The animals remain in their custody in the hands of those who abuse, neglect and continue the systematic abuse of the marine animals.
While SeaWorld boast that they have highly trained individuals, yet Hardgrove didn’t receive any schooling. It was more of an apprenticeship or a minimum wage job where there would be on the job training that would eventually lead to a full-time trainers position. While they do employee professionals like vets and biologist - their trainers, who actually handle their animals on a day-to-day basis, do not require a degree or much professional training. All Hardgrove had to do was take a few tests and he got a job as an

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