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  • Kantian Ethics Case Study

    system that is founded, and relies on a ‘lie’ seems at first glance a kind of breach of human right to live freely without deception. Naturally the ‘noble lie’ is indeed a form of lie, a falsity. Kantian ethics would of course dictate that one should never lie as the act of lying, whatever the intentions or outcomes, is wrong on the basis that telling the truth is a moral duty. Socrates’ defence splits lies into two categories (382a4-5, 382C3-4) – ‘verbal lies’, or lies in speech (which can be useful and/or good) and ‘real lies’ (lies that create ‘error in the psyche’, which are never useful, or good). He claims that the noble lie only ever utilises ‘verbal lies’, and as such are beneficial for the Republic. Socrates’ definition of a ‘real lie’ as better explained by Reeves (2006, pp209), is “to be a real lie… …a proposition must be about the "governing things" or the things that are, and it must be held or believed by the governing part of the psyche.” In other words, a ‘verbal lie’ (saying something false with the intent to deceive), is not a ‘real lie’ insofar as it does not always try to achieve belief in a falsehood – which would constitute a ‘real lie’. The noble lie, then, is a lie that aims to deceive, but not to ultimately achieve belief in a…

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  • Similarities Between Plato And Machiavelli

    Plato and Machiavelli disagree about the circumstances which justify a lie. Plato believes that political leaders must lie if that is necessary to pursue justice and thereby lead the city well. Machiavelli also believes that lying is a method of establishing political order but, unlike Plato, believes that lying should be used as a method to maintain power for power’s sake – not for some greater purpose. Although in most circumstances Machiavelli and Plato disagree, occasionally, they agree. For…

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  • Night-Time Analysis

    by Fischer Kurt, Susie Lamborn, and Sarah Pipp, the article explains how this generation express honesty to help each other improve but instead of saying it harsh they say it through constructive criticism. The article pointed out how this generation values of being loyal to one another and being honorable make them lie to protect each other…

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  • Mark Twain's On The Decay Of The Art Of Lying

    He simply breaks down lying into two make categories one being a judicious lie, meaning a lie that is told without causing emotional or physical harm to another, this is a lie the world needs (Twain 1). If Twain was to be alive today and saw the contemporary idea that is “fake news”, he would have no choice but to put this type of lie in the latter category, injudicious lying. This type of lie has no noble cause and does nothing but hurt another for the ill gains of the individual who fabricates…

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  • Importance Of Lying

    all forms of deception are not lies. The information given to someone is untrue, it is intended for the other person to feel trusted when they are with them. A lie communicates some sort of information, now a lie can also have truth in it too, just the amount of it, is worth more for someone else. The idea of preserving someone’s integrity and lying is that deception can be helpful if it is used to help someone else. We are taught from a young age to not be selfish, and be honest but we are…

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  • Ryunosuke Akutagawa's In A Grove

    emptiness-emptiness is lust in Heart Sutra Taisho. Similarly, the policeman might be lying about working hard days and nights in order to catch the bandit to hope that he could get a raise in salary or a promotion in return. At the same token, the old woman might be lying about her daughter who “has never known any man except Takehiko” because she wanted people to look at them as a highly educated and noble family (Akutagawa 20.) Again, the conflicting confessions make it impossible to know if…

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  • Ryunasuke Akutagawa's In A Grove

    The short story “In a Grove” written by a brilliant Japanese writer Ryunasuke Akutagawa, brings into question the certainty of human knowledge and the tendency to lie by illustrating a balance between illusion and reality. The story is a series of testimonials about a murder. However, Akutagawa does not necessarily provide us with enough distinction between the truths and lies. What he did, was present us with enough information to leave us pondering on what events really occurred. According to…

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  • The Truth Of Jealousy In Shakespeare's Othello

    “You cannot believe a liar even when he tells the truth”(Aesop’s Fables) is a powerful quote since liar’s tend to be able to tell the truth yet still be able to twist it enough to their advantage. In the play Othello, we encounter a fellow named Iago who spins a web of lies that hurts everyone in the process. While able to manipulate multiple people at a time, Iago will end up taking what makes these three characters so noble into their downfall is inevitable. Husband turned against wife,…

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  • Miss Peregrine's Home For Urgent Children Analysis

    as you’re with us, and you insist upon traveling back and forth, I need you to watch for new arrivals to the island and report them to me (Riggs 266).” He had an extraordinary job, and it was significant. It turned out that his identity was much more important then he alleged it to be. Lying can have an immense amount of difficulty if you are anything like Jacob. For him, he feels guilty at the tiniest stretch of the truth. But during the book, he has to make up fibs to his father multiple…

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  • Theme Of Lying In Death Of A Salesman

    Most people use sarcasm on a day to day basis. These people usually use sarcasm to portray something that is obvious or to seem funny. However, what they do not realize is that sarcasm is a simpler form of lying. Lying is just one of the themes in the play Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. Miller demonstrates this by how Willy lies in order to appear that he is successful, that he is adored by many, and about his oldest child`s accomplishments. In these ways, Miller uses Willy to illustrate…

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