Anne Frank Performance Evaluation Essay

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Performance based assessment
Did you know times during the holocaust was very difficult, because lots of people had to make a lot of sacrifices so they did not wind up being tortured or killed! it was the time of hitler's wrath and ruling there were a lot of people that had died because he thought that anyone who did not follow him should be punished many were put in concentration camps . Literature can help us remember and honor the victims of the holocaust by telling us all the terror and horrifying experiences they had to go through and all the friends, family and homes they had to give up. Some of the literature documentations that i will be talking about in this essay are; “The diary of Anne Frank”, it is a story about a family that had to leave their old life to go into hiding so they did not get caught by the Nazi another text is,” Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl” is about all the things that Anne Frank had to go through and the struggles of leaving behind friends,and last but not least is, “The Acceptance Speech from the Nobel Peace Prize” is about a man who is a Jew that was in a concentration camp and was able to survive through it all so he gave a speech about the Holocaust and all the difficulties.
This is about a play of anne frank called “The Diary of Anne frank
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And in the diary of anne frank anne had to go through pretty much the same things as in the play. And last but not least the he did not feel the honor for the prize because it was such a big event history. So the holocaust was a tragic stage in life and as elie wiesel had said multitudes of people had perished because of hitler's ruling so because of so many things this is why we are able to remember and honor the victims of the horrific

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