Martin Luther King Jr Research Paper

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Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther once said, “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” (KING). This quote explains that ignorance and conscientious are the most stupidity things ever. Martin Luther King Jr. before his death was a baptist minister and he also was a social activist he led civil rights movement in united states on the mid-1950s until the tragedy of his death happened and it occurred in 1968. (Martin)
The great king was born January 15, 1929 in a beautiful place called Atlanta Georgia as his self being a baptist minister and a civil rights activist he also has this seismic impact on the races and relations in the United states
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(segregation) King received the nobel peace prize among other honors for his hard work and more thinking into people life (nobel prize) Still after his death many people honor him and remember him as most lauded african american leader in history more remembered for the speech he gave called i have a dream( i have a dream) he was known first as Michael king jr. but after days went by he jus seem not not like the same and it was changed to martin luther king Jr because he has so much inspiration in the religious leader martin luther.(name) King martin grew up in a loving environment a place where they loved him and took much care for him while he was growing up in Atlanta Georgia martin entered public school at age 5 while growing up he was a good kids his parents loved him on may 1936 baby martin was baptized the event was okay but not much attention of it because his grandmother had a little bit of struggling ( baby) martin was only 12 when his grandmother died of a heart attack it hit him so bad that he wanted to commit suicide he was confused he loved her to much and she was gone he tried jumping from second story window on there family home (suicide) while getting older he skipped both ninth and eleventh grades and then enter Morehouse college in Atlanta at age 15 on 1944 he was such a popular student his female

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