The Nobel Peace Prize

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Founded by Alfred Nobel, the Norwegian Nobel Committee award prizes to people that excel in the following categories: Nobel Peace Prize, Nobel Prize in Literature, Nobel Prize in Physics, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, and Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. The Nobel Peace Prize” is awarded to people that have given more to the community, reduced dangerous events and have work to maintain peace between society, countries, and along the whole word. This prize was first awarded in 1901 and each year a different recipient is selected for this prize. It is given away on December 10 each year. This prize is given away to recognize goodwill and its purpose is for people to spread peace throughout the world. …show more content…
Her dedication of doing the good make her an excellent candidate to become the recipient of this so honored prize. She got many and many stories about she was taking care of the poor, the ill, and about controversial concerns as it is abortion. In her acceptance speech, Mother Teresa expressed her gratitude for receiving the price. The speech was delivered in Oslo, Norway on 1979 by the so honored Mother Teresa with a very important audience from governors, royal family, members of the Nobel committee of course, and peculiar guests.
Mother Teresa wanted to convince her audience and all the world that the main thing in life to accomplish is love. She gave examples of how a poor family can be so rich in love than a family with millions of dollars but without any feeling of love. She delivered a specific example about people who had everything they want in life but they had no
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She emphasize the importance of sharing with family and with the community. She gave an example of how a little boy saved his sugar for her because they were having trouble with gathering sugar in Calcutta. The little boy said, “I will not eat sugar for three days. I will give my sugar to Mother Teresa for her children.”(1) Then his family took him to the convent and he had the opportunity to share his love and that is an act of kindness. She also talked about a time that a family of 8 members. She grabbed rice in order to give it to them but instead of taking a big bowl of rice she just gave them a little plate of rice so they can know that sharing is a form of caring and that they know the importance of sharing with

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