Female Characters In Kate Chopin's Stories

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Kate Chopin will be my author that I will be discussing in my paper. Chopin had a strong voice on her feelings towards self-discovery in her stories. Chopin lets her readers know about her views based on her female characters in her stories. Self-discovery is shown through some of the different female characters throughout many of her stories. I will be discussing a few of the stories and characters in my paper. The theme of self-discover simply just means finding how the characters feel and following their feelings instead of going with what society tells them to do. Chopin shows self-discovery in the following stories the awakening, Story of an Hour, the Storm and also a pair of Silk stockings. It is shown by certain female characters in …show more content…
The main female character is Mrs.Sommers who is a wife and mother. Her family is poor and what little money she obtains she always uses it to buy her kids some bargain clothes or food. On this particular day Mrs.Sommer is really worn out of running errands and stops by a store. Instead of buying clothes for her children she buys a pair of Silk stockings that she absolutely adored. The feeling she got from buying herself something made her happy. Instead of shopping for her children she continues to splurge on herself. She gets a fitting for her gloves, and then enjoys a meal. After the meal she goes to a theater to enjoy a show. Mrs. Sommer feels really good about herself after doing things that make her happy and buying things that she enjoys. She dreads coming home. Mrs.Sommer sits in a cable car wishing that she can just travel around and keep enjoying herself. This feeling from buying things and going places she likes comes from Self-discovery. For the moment she did as she pleased. She just wanted to enjoy herself for once. As a mother and wife she always put her family first and her personal feelings and pleasures aside. And also her family being poor had a great deal to do with this too. Being poor means she had to go to places and get bargains for her kids with clothes and food. And also she had to spend her money wisely. When she bought things for herself she did not think about her kids or bargains. Instead she just thought about herself and her personal needs for once. Doing these few things made her feel happier. And it also made her feel like she had her own personality for once. That she was her own person, instead of being a wife or

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