Comment: Absurd Decision On Obama Makes A Mockery Of The Nobel Peace Prize Analysis

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The year Barack Obama was voted in as president was a momentous moment in the United States’s history. One major event that marred Obama’s first years as the President was the inaccurate awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize according to Michael Binyon, author of “Comment: Absurd Decision on Obama Makes a Mockery of the Nobel Peace Prize,” which appeared in the London Times and Tom Toles, the creator of the cartoon “Heavy Medal,” which was published in The Washington Post. They feel as though the award was awarded unfairly and unjustly. In both of their pieces, they use valid arguments to impact the reader’s thoughts on the whole ordeal.
Michael Binyon’s view on the event is prevalent even in his title. By saying that the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s “Absurd Decision
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Most of these arguments do not even use words to convey a message to the viewers. His only sentence in the picture are “Here’s your gold medal. ...Hope you have a good race.” It is purposely done. By using ellipses, Toles creates an awkward pause in the sentence, almost as if the last half is an afterthought by the Nobel Committee -- as if they realized they needed to say more or back up why they are giving Obama the medal at the start of the race. Toles purposely puts Obama at the starting line because he was at the start of his term when he was given the nobel prize. He did not have any time to actually accomplish anything other than declaring what it is he wanted to do. By placing the Nobel Committee directly in Obama’s way in the picture, it may represent that they are trying to make Obama stumble: he would not be able to overcome the weight of the prize. Toles was introducing a claim of policy with this. He wants the committee to reform their ways and have better guidelines for the recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. Instead of winning the prize based on a hope, that people would win it based on their

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