Eulogy For President

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I watched in jealousy as Hillary stepped up to receive her presidency. I hated that she was the one to win the election, and my disdain for her only grew as she shot an arrogant smile in my direction while giving her thank-you speech. It wasn’t yet Inauguration Day, and there was always a chance that something could happen to her before then, but I still gave up all hope of anything actually changing. If I wanted this presidency, I would have to take it from her cold, dead hands, and I wasn’t willing to endangering my chances in future elections just to beat her this once. So, in order to prevent my future from becoming any more obscure than it already was, I silently watched as the crowd lauded Hillary for her hardwork and dedication during
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Donald is the one who came out of nowhere, announcing his campaign for presidency, before even choosing with which party he would be campaigning for. From that moment on I haven’t personally spoken to Trump, and I refused to meet him anywhere outside of events for the presidential campaign. If he was someone who wanted to betray the trust of a friend, and to take away, possibly, their last chance to become the president, then I was going to let him be that person on his own. The thing that I wasn’t expecting, after experiencing Donald’s extreme popularity during the beginning of the elections, was for me to win by a ‘landslide’, as they put it. Now, because he was spurned by all of America, Donald was expecting me to treat him the way that I used to, with warmth and kindness. Little did he know that, by betraying both Bill and I in such a way, he was permanently losing our friendship, and even causing Bill to abhor him. Bill believed that I should also hate Donald, maybe even more than he currently did, but I wasn’t really the type of person to feel that way. Sure, I was angry with him for not

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