The Epidemic Of Pregnancy

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PREGNANCY In the society that we live in today the term “Pregnancy” tends to scare at a lot of people no matter the age, race or sexuality. Pregnancy for some can be a scary experience if you are not mentally and financially prepared for the life long journey of parenting. The statistics of pregnancy will always change from year to year, from with the main source being the CDC (Center of disease control and Prevention state “Annual number of miscarriages is 600,000. The percent of women who smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol while pregnant combined is a whopping 26.6 %. Annual number of babies born to teenage mothers are 468,000, Mothers without adequate prenatal care is 7.6%. This is just to name a couple of facts that were …show more content…
In pregnancy there are three trimesters. Zero to Three month also known as the first 13 weeks is considered to be your first trimester. This trimester is very important because most women are unaware that they are pregnant. Common early pregnancy symptoms include morning sickness, fatigue, frequent urination, tender breast and sensitivity to smell, just to list a few. Taking prenatal vitamins during your first trimester is very important, conceiving a child can put a lot of damage on your body if you are not taking care of it correctly. The prenatal vitamins include folic acid which is found in a lot of leafy green vegetables such as spinach,

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