Ancient Greek History Essay

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Ancient Greek history must be one of the many important things that I say must be taught in any general school. I feel that the classics must at least be brought up in a middle and high school history class so that when these students reach their college career level they know more than who was president and who won what war. Many may say that the classics that may have been a fraud, but how does that explain all the proof of these wonderful hand painted vases, the wonderful architecture, the old comedy plays, and all the stories about the woman and goddesses. You might say that the classics are nothing more than just a history course, but that is not it. History is the study of past events that are particularly in human affairs. Therefore, the classics aren’t only history because we are not just studying but we are learning about more than history made of man; the …show more content…
As I brought up before the agora was the main place for assembly, it was the place where everybody would go up and meet each other. Many of these sightings were very similar in looks but had many different designs to them. A Parthenon is a former temple in ancient Greece which had all sorts of different architecture. It consisted of columns which there were many different ones and those columns being Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. These columns stood below holding up the pediment which is a gapped roof over the temple. These pediments always had some form of art and that for of art being reliefs. Art in during the classics always had a deeper meaning that lead to a story. Today some still used the design of many Greek columns to build buildings and even for their own personal homes. If one was to not study the architecture in classics how would one know how they would look to build such a beauty. This being one of the many reasons why classics are important, and in this topic, especially for those in the field of

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