Machu Ricchu Site In Ancient History

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Machu Ricchu

Machu icchu a site that was slipped away and forgotten. It was site that was conceived to have been a collection of lands and a sacred religious haven for Inca leaders. In the 16th century the whole civilization was wiped out by the Spanish intruders. For hundreds of years this site remained undiscovered ever since the event occurred no one was able to stumble upon it until one American archaeologist, Hiram Bingham found it unexpectedly on an expedition in 1911. The site was secretly known by all the peasants that were present in the area. Hiram discovered that the site expands over a 5 mile distance and containing over 3000 stone steps that are located in various levels of the site. He also discovered that most of the buildings
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Machl)iwas built with only just stone walls mainly due to the reason being they didn't have access to all the materials we have today to buikl! different types of houses this is just another reason on how the ancient past was so much different in this aspect it explains how different it was in terms of style. Also the ancient times had very different ways of punishing people compared to the way we as apart of the legal system do so. In ancient times there were no trials, jury, sentencing, good behaviour bonds. If you were caught doing wrong by someone of a higher authority then you, it will result in you either being tortured, kept a prisoner against your will with poor conditions or be executed straight away without hesitation. Today in some parts of the world this is still an on going factor that innocent indivduals are part of. It just goes to show that some countries ill adopt the punishments and implement them not caring on what other new punishments have been made but only inflicting pain on those that have done wrong. i!;iirams discovery of M.achu Picchu contributed to our understanding of archaeology. He did this by emphasising the importance of Machu icchu and how much of a shock its discovery it was to the world and gave the general population a better understanding on just how ancient history works and the secrets that it reveals about the past and sheds more light on the art form that is archaeology and all

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