Role Of Architecture In Roman Architecture

Written Assignment Unit 7
Romans are considered to be the great architects and civil engineers. They used science and advanced technology to make their innovations come to life and revolutions history. Among some of those innovations were the arch and concrete. These two items were so revolutionary to the Romans that they became part every piece of Roman architecture in some way. In this essay, we will talk about these innovations and how important they were to Roman architecture.
The Arch
There is much debate about when the Romans first invented the arch with some scholars and historians saying that the Sicilian Archimedes was the inventor. However, no such evidence can be found throughout
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They were used especially for houses, bridges, and aqueducts. The arch allowed for structures like bridges to be built with fewer pillars. This was possible because the arch would distribute loads more evenly with its curved design, making the entire structure extremely strong. During Roman Empire, approximately 1,000 stone arch bridges were constructed (, n.d.). These bridges allowed Roman armies to easily march from territory to territory and allowed water to flow freely and swiftly. Incorporating arches into buildings gave the Romans the ability to build many multistoried buildings for residents to live in. The arches distributed loads evenly, improving the structural load bearing capacity, allowing for more levels. Also, they arches were very pretty.
The Importance of Concrete
Roman concrete was a very versatile building material. It was cheap to produce and therefore affordable to purchase. It hardened quickly so construction could move at a quicker pace. Concrete was flame retardant making it safer than wood and it was flexible enough when soft to take the shape of whatever mold it was placed in. This flexibility gave way to some beautiful designs being embedded into the concrete. But like I said before, Roman concrete was extremely durable and because of that, the Romans were inclined to use it to build everything that needed to be structurally sound.

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