How Did Romans Build The Aqueducts

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There are so many wonderful things the Romans invented or were innovative with, such as creating a welfare system, newspapers, calendars, the practice of military medicine and surgeries, and laws, but their architecture is some of the most beautiful of ancient times. The Romans invented concrete and cement and the Colosseum and Roman Forum are still around today because of this development. This allowed them to also build the aqueducts which allowed the Romans to bring fresh water to the heart of their city. They were dependent on fresh drinking water. Building the aqueducts allowed this to happen. Establishing the needs for their city was very important and the aqueducts helped with this, it was also seen as a symbol of Rome’s power.

Many other things were made possible like piers, harbors and baths, thanks to the Pozzolana (Volcanic Ash) mixed with lyme slate which helped Roman concrete set quickly.
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It allowed for goods, soldiers and important information to travel

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