Julius Caesar Manipulation Analysis

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The profusion of power in understanding a person’s weaknesses allows for the potential of manipulation. When utilized in the right way, this power has the capability of persuading people to do things they never could have imagined. Through the actions of the characters in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare demonstrates how manipulation of the naive can result in one’s success, but when used carelessly, it can lead to fatal consequences. If clever enough, exploiting the weak characteristics of the noble, loyal, and arrogant allows for the manipulator to control them and ultimately compel them into believing what they’re being told.
Brutus’s loyalty to Rome makes him vulnerable to the manipulation of Cassius, who uses Brutus’s fatal flaw against him for his own agenda. Cassius knows that Brutus will do anything for Rome, no matter
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Antony, a man full of vengeance, uses manipulation intelligently and vigorously against the conspirators, and makes it his number one priority to get revenge on those who murdered his closest friend. Shakespeare proves to the reader just how powerful a person can become when exploiting another’s vulnerable flaws like honor, loyalty, and ignorance. In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, the reader is able to recognize how manipulation leads to one person’s defeat and another’s victory, and relate this awareness to historical events. Manipulation has always been utilized by those attempting to pursue a goal, and will continue to be taken advantage of by those who do so

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