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  • Origin Scarface And Casablanca And The Motion Picture Production Code

    The Motion Picture Production Code (MPPC), or more famously known as The Hays Code, was set into motion in the 1930s and was ultimately discontinued in the 1960s. The MPPC, affected hundreds of films throughout that time period, I will be focusing on how it affected films like 1932’s Scarface and 1942’s Casablanca. Both of these films, came out after the code was released with a 10 year interval in between. These films were both heavily affected by the code and had to make many changes to adapt to this new era of Hollywood. Scarface heavily threatened the “crimes against the law” clause while Casablanca threatened the “sex”, and the films had to change or else they would go through a deal of trouble and possible money loss to be shown. Origin…

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  • Summary: The Representation Of Blacks In Hollywood Cinema

    Introduction The representation of Africa and African people in popular American media has been a major concern in academic disciplines and the subject of numerous books and essays. Many scholars and activists have written about this issue seeking to introduce new knowledges and methodologies into the debate while taking into account the overwhelming evidence of the colonial influence on these representations. The debates and arguments are not restricted to Hollywood films (although Hollywood…

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  • 1940s Film Industry Analysis

    Before the 1940s, Hollywood and the Studio System, was one that carried the American Film Industry to new heights and brought on different visions from aspiring filmmakers and film companies. What was once just a convenient place to escape the grasp and control of The Trust, became the place to be during the 1920s. Hollywood was thriving with the system it created. The Big Five film companies created movies that made those years the Golden Age of Hollywood. But of course a system that gave the…

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  • The Debut Film Analysis

    culture, using the real problems and relatable issues that teenagers face. This film is one of the first films I’ve viewed which portrays an Asian culture as what it truly is. Unlike many other films and scenes in Hollywood cinema, this film did not use negative stereotypes or derogatory topics as its main base. Director Gene Cajayon is from the Filipino agency and grew up in its heritage; this reflects on the films true use of Tagalog, traditions, relationships, and cultural values. What was…

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  • Social Workplace: A Case Study

    Within the city of East Hollywood according to the U.S Census (2000) there is a population of 73,967where 60.4% are Latino, 17.5% White, 15.5% Asian, 2.4% Black, and 4.1% other. Within the East Hollywood population there is a median household income of $29,927 and 3,281 families headed by single parents. Also in the East Hollywood population the median age is 31 where in the country the highest population range of age ranges from 19 to 34 (Mapping L.A., 2016). Central Hollywood on the other hand…

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  • Formulaic Film Essay

    Hollywood film has been a dominant force in the world of film due to its box office success that comes through archetypical forms that appeal to the masses and allows for them to be entertained. The film industry in Latin America has had a more challenging time creating films that are as commercially successful which would allow the films in Latin American countries to be able to create a stronger national cinema identity. Though much of Latin America appears to be further underdeveloped than…

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  • Swot Analysis West Hollywood

    West Hollywood is a city in Los Angeles, California. West Hollywood is known for a variety of things, including the Sunset Strip, its large LGBT population and regular celebrity sightings. Since its earliest years, West Hollywood has earned a reputation for its nightlife and home to emerging artists in the entertainment industry. Based on the city’s history and current demographics, it is suitable for a new live entertainment venue to be established. SWOT Analysis Strengths: One of the biggest…

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  • Pre Production Reflection

    within the narrative. Early on, pre production, we did not distribute roles to each individual because we wanted everyone to share responsibilities; However, towards the end we agreed on roles based on what occurred in production. The idea behind not giving each other roles was to offer different perspectives, a new set of eyes with the desire to improve the final product. In a larger project, switching roles frequently would not work, but because we are…

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  • The Giver: Book Vs. Movie

    from a different era and is sometimes more than one can understand. This is where a movie is actually slightly helpful. It shows one the story so that they are no longer confused by the discussion. They can understand the way the events happened, if the story is told correctly on the big screen. The movie does not provide the insight that the book does though. If one takes the time to read the book, one gets to experience it. One gets to not only know the events that happened but how Solomon…

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  • Doctrine And Covenants

    The Doctrine and Covenants goes on to tell us more about whom some of God’s children chose to follow. A third portion, “of the hosts of heaven turned… away from [God] because of their agency; And they were thrust down, and thus came the devil and his angels” (D&C 29: 37-38). The Doctrine and Covenants is set apart from other scripture by giving God’s children such specific detail about where did we come from and why are we here. In particular, since Joseph Smith always sought for…

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