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  • In On A Shaker Charles Sheeler Analysis

    Martin Friedman, explained that “Well, people – they built [a building] with utility in mind; and that wasn’t accidental because they knew how the [building] had to function for their purpose. They weren’t building a work of art. However, if it’s beautiful to some of us afterwards, it’s beautiful because it functioned. The functional intention was very beautifully realized” (Sheeler to Friedman). The pure act of creating to be used, for Sheeler, was the definition of modernism. Only once you move beyond the arguments against ornamentation and for simplified forms, you can reach a sense of purpose, and that is Sheeler’s ultimate message for his industrial subjects. While he may have found his original direction in the detached coolness of Precisionism, he created novelty by incorporating the power of memory. Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the fathers of modernist architects summed up why Sheeler was inspired by the Shakers: “The true basis for any serious study of the art of architecture still lies in those indigenous, more humble buildings everywhere that are to architecture what folklore it to literature. These many folk structures are the soil, natural. Though often slight, their virtue is intimately related to environment and the heart-life of people” (Frank Lloyd Wright). Sheeler used his photography to combine the new American Machine Age’s with its roots. Sheeler’s paintings do not feel outdated fifty years later. Their lack of a personal signature or human figure keep…

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  • Charles Sheeler Analysis

    The subject matter of Precisionism celebrated the Machine-age, depicting skylines, buildings, and industrial landscapes, devoid of human activity. “Precisionism is not an art of social criticism. Precisionism is a “cool” art, keep[ing] the viewer at a distance; the artist’s attitude seems to be one of complete detachment, in which [the artist] achieves largely by smoothing out his brushstrokes, erasing, as it were, his personal handwriting” (Britannica). Sheeler pioneered the Precisionist style…

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  • Analysis Of Red Wheelbarrow By William Carlos Williams

    new car, and the car is not functioning how a new car should be cause her windshield wipers are not working. However Bergmann is not crying and acting like it is the end of the word. The reason I point this out the because if you think about having efficient working wipers are extremely important because it’s a life, or death situation if it starts pouring heavy rain and she still can not see hence the reason why she ran over Williams red wheelbarrows in the first place. But she is not…

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