Origin Scarface And Casablanca And The Motion Picture Production Code

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The Motion Picture Production Code (MPPC), or more famously known as The Hays Code, was set into motion in the 1930s and was ultimately discontinued in the 1960s. The MPPC, affected hundreds of films throughout that time period, I will be focusing on how it affected films like 1932’s Scarface and 1942’s Casablanca. Both of these films, came out after the code was released with a 10 year interval in between. These films were both heavily affected by the code and had to make many changes to adapt to this new era of Hollywood. Scarface heavily threatened the “crimes against the law” clause while Casablanca threatened the “sex”, and the films had to change or else they would go through a deal of trouble and possible money loss to be shown.
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This film uses many of the aspects of the MPPC that would have gotten it banned and it would have been banned had changes not been made. The directors are Richard Rosson and Howard Hawkes, and was produced by Hawkes and Howard Hughes. It was the first film in which a gangster uses a machine gun, and it caught the attention of Will Hays. Scarface had many faults that the Hays’ office would not allow and delayed the release of the film by a year. The original ending of the film was a lot darker than we know it now and so was changed to appease …show more content…
The scene starts with Rick (Humphrey Bogart), Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman), Captain Renault (Claude Rains), and Victor (Paul Henreid) arriving to the plane that would take two people to Lisbon. The characters are at the immediate forefront of the scene because the entire background is covered by smoke (however, from further researching it is also because they were not able to use a real plane at night). Once Rick says that Victor and Ilsa will be using the visas, the camera cuts to and pushes in on Rick and Ilsa, where the real drama is about to take place. The background music follows the conversation throughout the scene, going strong when the dialogue gets heavy, and even has a romantic tone when Rick is telling Ilsa his plan and, in his own way, that he loves

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