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  • Parker Second Classroom Class

    The Second-period Class in Parker’s Room I arrived at the pre-Kindergarten School 20 minutes to 9:40 A.M. At this time, Parker was preparing for her second period class. During this class, Ms. Parker takes the children through her “Fine Motor Skills Development” lesson that is typical for most pre-kindergarten lessons. It was a fairly warm and windy morning. In front on the schoolyard are children playing around. The mood is good and students are busy with various activities. I spot a couple of friends playing around jovially. I realize that the dressing is significantly elegant with the latest versions. O.C (Observer Comments): This school is most likely a upper class with students coming from well-off families. The fashion and joy exhibited…

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  • Pre-Kindergarten Observation

    On November 18th, 2015 I visited the Gatelot Avenue Elementary school in Lake Ronkonkoma, New York to perform an observation of a pre-kindergarten class through the SCOPE program (4 year olds). The class consist of 16 students (2 absent) and one teacher (Mrs.Kantor) and one teacher 's assistant (Mrs.Bradford). The purpose of this observation is to observe and evaluate the program 's approach to and uses of creative arts in the classroom. Creative arts in pre-kindergarten furthers children 's…

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  • Response To Intervention (RTI) In Pre-Kindergarten

    Purpose For my research paper, I have chosen to write about Response to Intervention (RTI) in pre-kindergarten. I became interested in Response to Intervention when I started working with Head Start within the public school system in my city. Throughout my years in the Head Start Program I have worked with many students. The Response to Intervention framework has made me wonder how academics would be differentiated for these children, when our educational system is being scrutinized for…

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  • High Quality Pre-Kindergarten Essay

    What does a high quality pre-kindergarten classroom look like? Include examples of instructional activities, how teachers and assistants would support children, and what you would want to see in terms of student growth and development. When you enter a high quality pre-kindergarten classroom you feel comforted that everything is in place for children to enjoy learning and to make progress in their development. This happens through the interaction between the physical and social environment. It…

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  • Papers On Early Childhood Education

    Miriam Beatriz Avelar Dr. Julie Shattuck EN 101 10 October 2016 Early Childhood Education When I started my school education in Kindergarten at the age of 5, it seemed as if my education had to fit a mold, where creativity was not part of the curriculum. It was as if learning, and how I learn was determined by a cookie cutter structure, my options at that time where non- existent, and not only for me but also for my parents. Education back then meant to learn by fear in that children were…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Preschool Education

    being debated; whether the government should fund Pre-K for the young students of the United States. Currently, all families have the option to send their child to pre-k, but a significant amount of families are unable to afford this. As, most Pre- K programs can be thousands of dollars, to most it is an unobtainable luxury. This is a major issue that needs to change, because all children should be given the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their family 's income. Due to the many benefits…

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  • Essay About Preschool

    Pre-kindergarten programs and early childhood education is of the utmost importance to four year old children. At the age of four, children must have their minds engaged and developed cognitively. Cognitive development at early ages will stimulate children in their reasoning, problem solving and memory. Preschool environments can provide such stimulating experiences. According to “How Preschool Fights Poverty”, preschools have educational tools that could kick-start cognitive development-sets of…

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  • What Are The Political Social And Cultural Issues Related To The Evolution Of Early Education

    men, and husband were out in battle. Mothers of family homes undertook paid work, usually done by men, resulting in the need for child services. (Pollock, 2012) The increasing number of women in the workforce meant that as many children were left to their roaming the streets in the late afternoon. (MFCH, 2012). Childcare and education soon became a household agenda for the government. At this point kindergartens that were running two daily sessions needed to extend to one full-day session, so…

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  • Urban Psychology

    Although socioeconomic status and pre-K involvement both clearly correlate to kindergarten readiness in urban areas and particularly within Memphis, there are other, larger urban processes at work within the setting of urban Memphis. One of these processes is urban psychology. Urban psychology relates the interactions of the people to their surroundings and how these interactions shape the children. These surroundings for a pre-kindergarten child can include the home environment, which has…

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  • The Value Of Early Childhood Education

    The Investment worth a Lifetime. As a child I grew up a native Spanish speaker, I was not enrolled into a preschool educational program, like many children I was not prepared to enter kindergarten. My parents working in the fields, worked long and hard to be able to live a healthy lifestyle. My parents although no matter how tired they were, always explained how receiving an education is important; in order to not work in the fields as they did. Entering kindergarten I was behind,…

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