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  • Pre Production Reflection

    narrative. Early on, pre production, we did not distribute roles to each individual because we wanted everyone to share responsibilities; However, towards the end we agreed on roles based on what occurred in production. The idea behind not giving each other roles was to offer different perspectives, a new set of eyes with the desire to improve the final product. In a larger project, switching roles frequently would not work, but because we are…

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  • The Giver: Book Vs. Movie

    As an avid book reader, my response to “book or movie,” is always book. The book has free reign to take one where the author intended for one to go. A movie has no such ability. It is constrained by social obligations and media requirements. Often, the director of said movie is unable to dig into the details and moments the author has laid before one. This is additionally accurate for those telling a true story. Many vital parts of the story line are left out because the director saw them not…

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  • Nollywood Research Paper

    how Nigeria cinema has emerged as a cultural influence across Africa. He discusses how Nollywood portrays African culture in its film through the music, comedy, fashion and religion. In an interview that Norimitsu Onishie did on a Tanzanian journalist, Songa Wa Songa, she said, “The Nigerian movies are very, very popular in Tanzania, and, culturally, they’ve affected a lot of people. A lot of people now speak with a Nigerian accent here very well thanks to Nollywood. Nigerians have succeeded…

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  • Reflection Paper On A Beautiful Mind

    After watching the movie "A Beautiful Mind" i learned a wide range on how critical thinking can take form in many quiet and sneaky ways and just how important it really is. This movie would be very helpful to a student of Critical Thinking because of those reasons. It shows the hit/effect critical reading has with a practical example and shows how it can affect us in or day to day lives and how much we can benefit from thinking critically and how much we can loss by having a "dull" mind. In the…

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  • Cinerama Film Analysis

    Hollywood challenged television with its innovative technical advances to win back its lost audience to TV. The experimentation began with the release of the promo This is Cinerama in 1952, designed to introduce the wide screen process Cinerama, which became a landmark in film history. This was an attempt to show the wonders of the new widescreen format using three separate but synchronised camera images to create an enveloping picture through an arc of 146 degrees. It made the audience felt…

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  • Doctrine And Covenants

    The Doctrine and Covenants goes on to tell us more about whom some of God’s children chose to follow. A third portion, “of the hosts of heaven turned… away from [God] because of their agency; And they were thrust down, and thus came the devil and his angels” (D&C 29: 37-38). The Doctrine and Covenants is set apart from other scripture by giving God’s children such specific detail about where did we come from and why are we here. In particular, since Joseph Smith always sought for…

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  • Parker Second Classroom Class

    The Second-period Class in Parker’s Room I arrived at the pre-Kindergarten School 20 minutes to 9:40 A.M. At this time, Parker was preparing for her second period class. During this class, Ms. Parker takes the children through her “Fine Motor Skills Development” lesson that is typical for most pre-kindergarten lessons. It was a fairly warm and windy morning. In front on the schoolyard are children playing around. The mood is good and students are busy with various activities. I spot a couple of…

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  • Personal Essay: Pursuing My Career Path

    imagine attending: the University of Alabama at Birmingham. When fall of 2015 finally came, I discovered the realities of being a full-time pre-medical and Honors College student. Now, as a student who is on the verge of completing freshman…

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  • Essay On Being A Pre-Med Student

    just slapped me in the face and made things worse. I met with a UNM academic advisor, and I would say that I do not particularly like him because he made me question myself as to why I am even going to school and he basically made me feel like I would not be able to succeed as a pre-med student. I got offered a transfer scholarship and a grant from UNM; the catch is that I have to be enrolled in 15 credit hours there and I cannot use a consortium agreement, which basically states that I am…

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  • Could SPT Result In The Overgeneralization Of Targeted Words

    and untrained words. Additionally, the authors attempted to determine whether SPT could result in the overgeneralization of targeted sounds to the production of untrained or previously trained phonemes (e.g., if training the production of /k/ would result in the increased substitution of /k/ for other phonemes). The participant in this study was a 62-year-old male who sustained a LCVA and presented with moderate to severe AOS, Broca’s aphasia, and a mild unilateral upper motor neuron dysarthria.…

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