Reflection Paper On A Beautiful Mind

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After watching the movie "A Beautiful Mind" i learned a wide range on how critical thinking can take form in many quiet and sneaky ways and just how important it really is. This movie would be very helpful to a student of Critical Thinking because of those reasons. It shows the hit/effect critical reading has with a practical example and shows how it can affect us in or day to day lives and how much we can benefit from thinking critically and how much we can loss by having a "dull" mind.
In the movie i (saw/heard/became aware of) a few facts that were worth (seeing/hearing/becoming aware of). One would be the fact that a "Critical thinker" doesn't doesn't come in (system where machines are put together step by step) appearance (meaning they
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Even Mr Nash took part in some of these activities. Another fact is that a mind that (community of people/all good people in the world) thinks of/considers "healthy" doesn't mean your (ability to create interesting new things) is also. In the movie when Mr Nash started to take the medicine it could see where he started to behave (usual/ commonly and regular/ healthy), but it came at a price he lost his (ability to create interesting new things). He wasn't able to see things once like how he could before. His mind had become simple and couldn't see in depth anymore. There are 6 questions you should ask when carefully exploring a question; questions of fact, (understanding/ explanation), analysis, (creation/combination), (process of figuring out the worth, amount, or quality of something) and application. To my understanding it seemed as if the medicine made him (usual/ commonly and regular/ healthy) but took away his ability to ask the question of "(understanding/ explanation)" (this can be seen where his friend came to look for him while he was on his porch and he showed him his latest work that he as planning to use to get back in the school. It showed nothing but random numbers and symbols circled making no …show more content…
Such as how did his best friend mange to push his desk out the window close to the beginning of the movie? Did he push it himself and then imagine to to be talking to his own self? Or was it just an mistake by the writer of the movie? But then again this this movie was supposed to be based off true events. Another unclear part is, didn't anyone (see/hear/become aware of) him behaving strange earlier? It could clearly be seen where he interacted with his friend in public with other, even tho at time it was small/short interactions no one stopped to ask "hey who were you waving to? Or "who were you speaking too just now?" the movie didn't start giving quiet and sneaky hints until it was leading down to the big plot twist of the

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