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  • Biological Big Bang Theory

    environmental justification of the explosion happening. "Snowball Earth" hypothesis states that before the Cambrian explosion, the whole universe was covered with ice. Glaciers restricted evolution functions in the sea, like blocking rays of the sun from penetrating the waters yet algae and cyanobacterial mats rely on it. When retreatment of glaciers happened, a change of life was earned for many organisms. Particulary, the post post-glacial period proved vital for evolution, as it is said that huge complex multicellular organisms appeared when the temperatures were rising proving that the environment was favorable for evolution. As for the developmental evidence, scientists say that the environment never had nothing unique during the Precambrian-Cambrian transition, and it was a necessity for evolution to happen for diverse and new body plans to emerge. In animals, developmental genes are the ones responsible in…

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  • Precambrian Shield Case Study

    In the Precambrian Shield there are no continuous aquifers and ground water is only found in the fractured and weathered zones of Precambrian rock. These various aquifers are located primarily in gneiss and granite. The Precambrian shield only makes up a small portion of eastern Bolivia. Aquifers in this province are generally shallow at depth less than 90 meters and due to this many of the aquifers are biologically contaminated near populated areas (Roebuck et al. 2004). Majority of the ground…

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  • Ercall Quarries

    includes 540-million-year-old ripple beds and ancient pre-Cambrian lava flows in exposed quarries. There is a M54 motorway near the Quarries, giving it easy access to the Quarries. The motorway was constructed in 1974, near the northern end of the hill. There are Five Quarries in Ercall. Only Quarry One, Two and Three were visited, as Quarry Four and Five have outgrown vegetation and therefore making it hard to survey the location. At Locality 1 the quarry face is exposed, it is 10-metre high,…

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  • The Tasman Orogeny Habitats

    The most common use for resistivity logging is drilling for oil and gas. The rock material are insulators while the fluids, like oil and water, are conductors. If a formation is porous, the resistivity will be low. If the formation contains hydrocarbon or has a low porosity, it will have a high resistivity. The high resistivity may show that the drill has entered a hydrocarbon bearing formation. 3. The North American Cordillera is a mountainous region of Western North America. The…

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  • The Camariid Period: The Ordovician Period

    1. Explain why Earth and other planets were not solid when they formed during the beginning of the Precambrian, approximately 4,600 million years ago (MYA) The Precambrian period was also known as the Hadean and the reason why it was not solid yet was that the planets of the solar system were just starting to form and they were not even solid rocks yet they were just starting to form from dust particles. 2. What was this particular time period called? This particular period was called the…

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  • The Evolution Of Chordates

    Chordates are believed to have evolved from Deuterostomes, a superphylum which consists of vertebrates. The main characteristic of Deuterostomes is their embryological development, where the blastosphere develops into the anus, and the mouth is developed at the opposite end. The digestive tract than forms in between the anus and the mouth, connecting both to each other. The earliest fossil record of Deuterostomes, the Kimberella, an organism similar to a jellyfish, is believed to have…

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  • Supercontinents: A Formal Analysis

    where a chunk of the crust is denser than the mantle and sinks towards the discontinuity. Over a period of time the chunks build up and sink into the lower part of the mantle or “slab avalanche”. This is where the mantle will compensate for the drop of the crust and push it up somewhere else. This creates those plumes or superplumes. Volcanism is a big part of the supercontinents, and plate tectonics are even more. Plate tectonics are well understood from when pangaea was around, but anything…

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  • The Importance Of Existance Of Lake Malawi

    Sequence II depicted by previous lake level underlying an unconformity and sequence III being the oldest and deepest (Crossley, 1984, Scholz, 1995, Soreghan et al., 1999) . I. Tukuyu-Karonga basin stratigraphy It is one of the basins in north and northeast of Lake Malawi and is useful in understanding the geology of the area; figure 2.3 shows the stratigraphy of the central, eastern and western region of the basin. Precambrian period contains metamorphic rocks while Neogene age contains muddy…

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  • Fordham Gneiss

    New York exists on bedrock that tells a tale of millions of years ago, going as far back as the late Mesoproterozoic (1.6 to 1 billion years ago). The layers that make up this bedrock show the conditions of the earth’s surface through many different orogenies, which are times of high grade metamorphism and where plate tectonics makes its biggest changes. The Fordham gneiss was formed a billion years ago (oldest) during the Grenville orogeny (Precambrian) which featured sediment deposits and…

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  • The Paleozoic Era

    represent a precise depiction of the diversity of species alive during that time. Most of the fossils found in Texas are sea creatures since most of the area of Texas property was largerly underwater. Few are vertibrae, which means having a vertibral or spinal column. Some turtles, fish and other animals are discovered. And within seven miles of Texas property, is the Dinosaur State Park located in Glen Rose, TX where tracks in the Paluxy River are very clear. Texas is as remarkable for…

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