Nollywood Research Paper

Nigeria is known as one of the fastest growing countries and most populous nation in Africa. It’s located in western Africa on the edge of Gulf of Guinea. Another thing that is growing in Nigeria is their film industry, Nollywood. Nollywood is known as the second largest film industry in the world, right behind the India film industry Bollywood and surpassing Hollywood. The Nigeria film industry dates back to 1960s when Nigeria gain their independence. However, it was in the 1990s when Nollywood started to boom. Although Nollywood is growing few people from the United States can say that they watch a movie produced in Nigeria. Even if they had watch a Nollywood movie ,they won’t appreciate it as much as a person from Africa. It may be known …show more content…
Anybody who wants to screen a Nollywood film have many options to choose from. They can watch their favorite Nollywood movies through popular sites like YouTube, theatres, DVDs and other websites found on the internet. Nollywood viewers can access a movie anywhere no matter where they reside. Nollywood movies is also on Netflix for the people that don’t reside in Africa. Most viewers use these outlets to keep up with their favorite drama movie, which are usually broken up into many parts. Many of Nigeria films are successful because of how easy their audience can access it. Only the popular Nollywood movies are in theatres. Another access through Nollywood films is through their film festival held every year for 10 days. Dovey Lindiwe discusses people growing interest for Nollywood African films and how they can view them through film festivals. He explains how a half a century ago Africans started to develop their own film. He also discusses how it’s good that African films are finally being recognize for their creativity across the globe. Nollywood films are expanding so the need for multiple and easy access is convenient and essential for the

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