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  • The Debut Film Analysis

    The Debut (2000) was a film presenting the positive aspects of the Filipino culture, using the real problems and relatable issues that teenagers face. This film is one of the first films I’ve viewed which portrays an Asian culture as what it truly is. Unlike many other films and scenes in Hollywood cinema, this film did not use negative stereotypes or derogatory topics as its main base. Director Gene Cajayon is from the Filipino agency and grew up in its heritage; this reflects on the films true use of Tagalog, traditions, relationships, and cultural values. What was particularly enjoyable was the scenes of dancing and singing that are accurate presentations of the Tinikling dance with string instruments. Although the quality of the acting in the film is debatable, it was satisfying to see an Asian culture accurately presented. Filipino-American director Gene Cajayon wanted to present the issue that many young minorities face—conflicting between the surrounding culture and thier own culture. In this picture, we see Ben is facing the problems of accepting his own Filipino culture, in…

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  • Benefits Of Genetic Engineering

    in inconvenience to a child but humans are not meant to be perfect. People could live perfectly normal lives with minor mental disorders like those. How would it be fair for the people who can afford genetic engineering to be able to engineer their children to become perfect and then the people who can’t afford would be at a disadvantage compared to them. As it states in My sister 's keeper “ You don’t love someone because they are perfect, you love them despite the fact “ This evidence shows…

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  • AP Biology Summer Assignment: Survival Of The Sickest

    Justin Dubler August 31, 2015 Mrs. Werle Period #1-2 AP Biology Summer Assignment Survival of the Sickest Big Idea 1: The process of evolution drives the diversity and unit of life. Passage 1: “Our genetic makeup has been adapting in response to where we live and what the weather’s like. The food we eat has evolved to cope with the organisms that eat it, and we’ve evolved to cope with that. We’ve looked at the way we’ve evolved to resist or manage the threat posed by specific infectious…

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  • Fish Yolk Stages

    There are few genes dedicated to olfactory sense and they are similar in all organisms capable of detecting smell. My Dispute Statement: There are many genes that are used for detecting smell in organisms and by common descent, these similar genes change over time in different organisms. The genes that are dedicated to smell aren’t exactly the same, but mutated and changed to fit each chemical smell. These scent genes cannot be changed dramatically though as big mutations may cause the…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Genetic Engineering

    Genetic Engineering Throughout history, humans experience many changes whether it is good or bad. Some of these changes can bring issues into the world. One of these “issues” that humans know today is genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is one of the well known creations known to man kind. However people believe that this creation of alternating Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) can have its negative effects just as it has it positive effects.(“Genetic engineering of animals”). Genetic…

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  • Negatives Of Selective Breeding

    similar and share the same alleles. The frequency of the chosen allele increases in the gene pool, however the frequency of other wild type alleles will decrease, hence a decrease in genetic biodiversity. If there was a wide spread disease which happens to be susceptible to the cow species, the chances of the cow population surviving is very low and the species would eventually be wiped out. Transgenesis is another form of genetic manipulation which share similar concepts of selective breeding…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Down Syndrome

    same way. Another name for chromosome 21 in Down syndrome is trisomy 21. Geneticists have studied the chromosome 21 segment of the gene since the early 1930’s. By doing this, geneticists have discovered a specific segment in chromosome 21 called the Down­syndrome critical region, also known as DSCR, which is the most likely location for the genes that affect Down syndome. In this one region alone, which consists of only 33 genes, there are over 5 million base pairs [2]. In 2006, many different…

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  • Csrn1 Case Study

    two overlapping ORFs by -1 frame (6 copies, 42.9%; Variant B) (fig. 1B). Main difference in a sequence alignment between the two groups was observed at a consensus nucleotide position 1344, where the members of Variant A had an additional cytosine (C) or thymine (T) nucleobase (boxed position in fig. 1B). The extra nucleobase induced a -1 frameshift from the insertion site compared to the Variant B copies, resulting in the fusion of gag and pol into a single ORF. Adding to the deletion of 14 N-…

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  • The Importance And Origin Of Diversity In Species

    exchanging genetic material at the chiasmata. Independent assortment During Metaphase I one of meiosis I, one maternal gene and one paternal gene align themselves across the equator. Each pair of homologous chromosomes is positioned independently of the other pairs. Fertilisation The random fusion of genetically unique haploids to form a diploid zygote. The three ways in which sexual reproduction increases diversity is by recombination, independent assortment and random fusion of haploid…

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  • Genetically Modified Crops Rhetorical Analysis

    Rhetorical Analysis A paper that I have written called, “To Modify or not to Modify?: An Argument for Genetically Modified Crops”, presents an argument in support of GM crops. In order to investigate the quality of the paper, I will analyze my own writing. Here I will look back on my writing, and give an rhetorical analysis regarding the persuasiveness of my argument, as well as the effects of the argument on others. The main argument of the paper defended the safety of genetically modified…

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