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  • Essay On Prairie Dogs

    Is it important to maintain the colonies of prairie dogs in Colorado? What exactly makes prairie dogs so important? Who supports them and fights for them, and what is killing them? Prairie dogs, like many other livings on Earth, are valuable to our ecosystem. They are responsible for keeping the cycle of life going and helping to maintain a healthy structure in the wild, both as predator and prey. There are wildlife activists who support prairie dogs and who support non-lethal methods of removing them and will go as far as buying land for the small creatures. Then there are conservationists, who see the importance of prairie dogs, but who also see the importance of conserving the land they call home. They will try to keep as many of the prairie dogs alive as they can, but they aren’t immune to lethal methods of removal. Other enemies of the prairie dogs include farmers and ranchers, who see them as rodents and pests that are dangerous to their livestock. There are also land developers, who only care for creating something new for the people. Then, the deadliest enemy of all to the prairie dogs happens to be the plague that takes out colonies in alarming numbers. The issue of helping prairie dogs keep their homes and fighting against the companies who are taking them is becoming a very…

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  • Characteristics Of Prairie Dogs Language

    language that prairie dogs speak is very interesting. I believe that prairie dogs language has many aspects that human language has, but they don’t possess all of the same aspects. I don’t believe prairie dogs language uses displacement, prevarication, or reflectiveness. And I am unsure if the possess the ability to be creative with their language. However, I also don’t think enough is known about the prairie dogs language to be completely sure they aren’t able to lie or refer to other places or…

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  • Personal Narrative: Saving The Black Footed Ferret

    As the prairie dog got close to the ferret not knowing that the ferret was in its path the ferret took its stance. And furiously ran and got the rodent by its neck. The prairie dog put up quite a fight before the ferret dragged it into the burrow of the prairie dog and got it by its neck and killed it. These ferrets will hunt the prairie dog in their own burrows and take shelter in the burrows of the prairie dogs. They were a lot different than the other animals I had researched and worked with.…

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  • Prairie Dogs Is Inhumane Essay

    Harrod Buhner in Sacred Plant Medicine once said, “There is an old Navajo warning that if you kill off the prairie dogs there will be no one to cry for rain … In fact, the burrowing animals, like prairie dogs, open breathing tubes in the Earth. The underground aquifers act like the diaphragm in human bodies; the moon as it passes raises and lowers the underground water table and the Earth breathes through the many fissures and tubes opened by the burrowing creatures. The exhalation of…

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  • Prairie Dogs Long-Term Reproductive Research

    previous research of John L. Hoogland, we plan to study black-tailed prairie dogs’ long-term reproductive success. We expect long-term reproductive success will increase as the population of helpers increases. We hope to receive a $12 million grant from the National Science Foundation to complete this extensive research. We will study the black-tailed prairie dog population in an area of approximately 160 kilometers (km) within the Great Plains region of north-central Kansas weekly during…

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  • My Observation Of School

    Part I - The Community and School Culture My school of choice to do my observation is Lorenzo de Zavala Elementary Science Environmental Academy located in Grand Prairie south of Interstate 20. Zavala sets on a land adjusted to Jackson Middle School. The school is directly impacted by residential houses and an open field. In the back of Zavala there is a garden and a greenhouse. Next to the garden there is a gated play area that has a basketball court for the public and remains open daily…

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  • Burnham And Wellborn Root Essay

    Daniel H Burnham and John Wellborn Root are consider to be one of the founding fathers when it comes to advancement towards Chicago architecture. Root was born in Georgia and Burnham born in New York; however, both became native to Chicago at a youth consequently loving the architecture that was there beforehand. Roots had the better recognized education while learning about architecture in school while studying in Liverpool, England and eventually got a degree in civil engineering from New…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Predator Control

    traps, or M-44s which are devices that deliver cyanide powder to animals. As a result, “swift foxes were extirpated in many areas…as a result of non-target mortality from federal coyote and wolf control programs” (Bergstrom et al. 138). The traps were set for coyotes and wolves, but the majority of the traps were triggered by foxes which caused the predator control program to lay more traps, killing more foxes. It is wasteful to keep putting out traps that are not working. There are easier…

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  • How Do Cats And Dogs Affect Our Ecosystem

    Have you ever looked outside and seen a cat or dog without a home? Cats and dogs are sweet animals but sometimes they can be mean. But when allowed to roam free around they can become restless. When cats and dogs are raised like that and sometime they have to do it to stay alive. Because the people who do not want or are unable to continue to provide care of their animals anymore so they let them go free instead of taking them to an adoption center. Why do cats and dogs affect our ecosystem what…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Yellowstone

    sea level. The park is about 40 square miles so it’s pretty big. Many waterfalls and cool views everywhere you go. There were almost foreigners there than americans. People would come from China, Japan and almost every country you could think of just to see all of the cool things at Yellowstone. The park also has geysers and mud pots and thermally active stuff like that. the geysers are very cool. The only one we saw erupt though was old faithful. Very cool sight to see. On the way up to…

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