Fazbear's Pizzeri A Narrative Fiction

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“Hey girl, open the walls.. Play with your dolls.. We’ll be a perfect family..”

“Falina, quit being greedy and give your brother some pizza” said a young black haired woman, She was glaring down at a small skinny little black haired girl.

The small girl flinched back and lowered her head “S-Sorry M-Mama..” she said quietly pushing away her pizza to her younger brother.

The young boy squeaked in excitement and ate it all up in one bite, Falina’s stomach growled loudly. She tried to hide it but her Mother bashed her on the head with her palm.

“When you walk away, is when we really play. You don’t hear me when i say “Mom, please wake up Dad’s with a slut. and your Son is smoking cannabis..”

The three were visiting the famous Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, It was Falina’s brother Andrew’s fourth birthday. Their Mother was sitting by Falina watching as Andrew ate with a smile on her face.

“Is it good baby?” she asked him her tone softening.

Andrew nodded and smiled back at her.

“M-Mama.. can i please.. have something to eat..?” Asked Falina looking up at her mother slowly.

Her mother’s smile quickly faded as she glared down at the child “No, do not ask me again.” she said darkly looking back at Andrew.

“B-But M-Mama.. it’s been weeks.. i’m gonna die..” She whined at her.

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She quickly opened her eyes and looked down at herself, her arms looked like a normal humans but had a more metal grown up look. She slowly reached up to feel he face and felt her jaw was metal and jumped back, she quickly looked for a mirror and found a shard of glass on the floor, she slowly looked into it and saw she still had black hair but now green eyes, her face looked older and more feminine. She blinked in confusion and looked down at her outfit, it was a small purple dress with a black ribbon tied around it. She dropped the shard of glass and fell to her knees “W-Why do

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