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  • James Madison By Gary Wills: Summary

    Gary Wills is the author of the book James Madison, which details the life of James Madison through his career as a politician. The focus of the book is Madison’s presidency, which Wills brings to the forefront as the major topic. Wills states that most other books do not focus on Madison’s presidency saying, “Madison’s very presidency is semi-forgotten. When Madison expert Jack N. Rakove published a selection of his writings in 1999, only 40 of its 864 pages came from his presidential years.” (Wills, p.1). Wills believes that this disregard of the presidency is because most believe Madison was not a great president and that his political career apart from the presidency was much more interesting and successful. Wills also goes on to provide more examples of books that provide the same outcome; Gilpin’s Papers of James Madison omitted his presidential years completely and Rakove’s brief Madison biography had 24 pages dedicated to the presidency out of 180 pages (Wills p.1). Wills believes that this treatment of Madison’s presidency is unfair and that just because Madison’s presidency is not considered to be great does not mean that it is not historically significant. This is the main reason Wills wrote James Madison. A brief background about the author is in order. Garry Wills lives in Evanston, Illinois, but was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1934. He is an author, journalist, and historian and attended Saint Louis University, Xavier, and Yale. He has written almost forty…

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  • Characteristics Of Prairie Dogs Language

    language that prairie dogs speak is very interesting. I believe that prairie dogs language has many aspects that human language has, but they don’t possess all of the same aspects. I don’t believe prairie dogs language uses displacement, prevarication, or reflectiveness. And I am unsure if the possess the ability to be creative with their language. However, I also don’t think enough is known about the prairie dogs language to be completely sure they aren’t able to lie or refer to other places or…

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  • My Observation Of School

    Part I - The Community and School Culture My school of choice to do my observation is Lorenzo de Zavala Elementary Science Environmental Academy located in Grand Prairie south of Interstate 20. Zavala sets on a land adjusted to Jackson Middle School. The school is directly impacted by residential houses and an open field. In the back of Zavala there is a garden and a greenhouse. Next to the garden there is a gated play area that has a basketball court for the public and remains open daily…

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  • Essay On Prairie Dogs

    Is it important to maintain the colonies of prairie dogs in Colorado? What exactly makes prairie dogs so important? Who supports them and fights for them, and what is killing them? Prairie dogs, like many other livings on Earth, are valuable to our ecosystem. They are responsible for keeping the cycle of life going and helping to maintain a healthy structure in the wild, both as predator and prey. There are wildlife activists who support prairie dogs and who support non-lethal methods of…

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  • Burnham And Wellborn Root Essay

    Daniel H Burnham and John Wellborn Root are consider to be one of the founding fathers when it comes to advancement towards Chicago architecture. Root was born in Georgia and Burnham born in New York; however, both became native to Chicago at a youth consequently loving the architecture that was there beforehand. Roots had the better recognized education while learning about architecture in school while studying in Liverpool, England and eventually got a degree in civil engineering from New…

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  • Un Chien Andalou Film Analysis

    The most famous images within the film are the severed hand, a hand swarmed with ants and a hand slicing into a woman’s eyeball with a razor blade. The repetitive use of the hand within Un Chien Andalou symbolises fetish; “what hands can do and how they can generate both intense pleasure and intolerable pain.” (Hutchinson, 2014) This relates back to the themes of subconscious desires which is emphasised by the grotesque imagery which dominates the film. Dali compared the slicing with “the…

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  • Surrealism In Film

    In February of 2004, Jonathan Jones wrote an article titled, “The joy of gore” and shares that after 1929 and release of the short film Un Chien Andalou, was the turn when society began to look at cinema differently (Jones web). In this film, we are the viewer have no time to brace for the shock and honor or seeing the eye sliced open and begin to ooze, it sparked a new desire of the unexpected. While at first this was traumatic to many, society as a whole wanted more. In the film Spellbound by…

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  • Un Chian Andalou Analysis

    Un Chien Andalou is a silent movie that was produced in 1928 by the director, Luis Buñel, along with the help of Salvador Dali. The idea for the movie came from Buñel, after having a dream that he shared with Dali. Buñel said that he saw the moon being sliced in half by a cloud, while Dali responded that he too had a dream in which he had seen a hand crawling with ants. This led to Dali expressing an interest in creating a movie. The continuous collaboration between the two of them went very…

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  • Garrison Keillor's How To Write A Letter Analysis

    Garrison Keillor’s “How to Write a Letter” gives instructions on how and why a shy person should write a letter. Keillor believes that when someone is shy they don’t put a lot into the conversations they are in, leaving them unknown to people around them. His solution is to write a letter. Keillor explains that, “…a shy person writes a letter. To be known by another person…”(506). He continues on to add that treating writing a letter as an obligation only serves to be counterproductive to the…

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  • Realism In Willa Cather's 'A Wagner Matinee'

    background of the wild land she came to love, therefore she became known for her depictions of the American frontier- again something that we see in “A Wagner Matinee”. The main characters in the story are Clark, who lives in Boston, and his Aunt Georgiana who gave up her life there to move to Nebraska. In her youth during a visit to rural Vermont, Georgiana met a very charing country boy who she became quite fond of, his name was Howard. He promoted her to make the move so they went West in…

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