Informative Essay On School Rules

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It was the year 2030 and the rules at school were hurting people. The school rules were like, you can't be you, because you can’t dress how you want to and sometimes that is how you show your personality, and that isn’t fair that we can’t show our personality. There was a group called The rulebreakers, and they were against rules because they said the rules didn’t show their personality. The Rulebreakers thought the rules forced you to be who you are.

The rule breakers thought they should do something about it, so they went to the principle and was talking to him about it, and he said he wasn’t changing the rules. They didn’t get anything out of him, so they decided they should try even harder by breaking the rules. Day after day, the
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They past few days they had been working really hard and they got jobs and they got half of the case done except for one part and they need to get that done by next week. They got the next case done and was ready to present it to the principle but first they need to get one more thing done. They need to find more people help them when they go to court. They asked some of the people they meet and some old friends and they were done. They scheduled the court date and was ready.
It was the day of court and they were very nervous about it. They got all ready and had their papers and slide shows together. They started court and they had to face the judge and they had to face the principle. They had won the in court and went out to celebrate for having no rules in school anymore.
The court said they will give a paper in every school to take the rules away and why but not all rules just the one that make us who we are know and who we will be in the future. The Rulebreakers all had a story of their own to tell their children and that is that who you are know is who you are going to be for the rest of your

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