Practice-based professional learning

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  • Should College Athletes Get Paid Essay

    College Athletes Should Get Paid College athletes are gifted in the world of sports. Every athlete shows up for practice each day and works as hard as they can possibly work. In college, sports are as important as schooling to athletes. Working harder to be number one is the first priority on each athlete 's list of goals. The sports fan base is captivated by the level of play and dedication that college athletes display, only professionals show a higher level of play. Competitors in college sports play the same games and go through hard practices just as professionals do. Professionals get paid millions of dollars and college athletes get paid nothing to go through the same exhausting practice and games. WIthout college players there would…

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  • Reflection On Project Based Learning

    In the completion of this project I am starting to gain more knowledge in implementing project based learning. Among the things I learned is that the project is implemented in the beginning of the unit and should dictate the flow of lesson and activities. It provides context or theme to deliver the different concepts essential for the unit. On the other hand, technology is used to reinforce the context in the form of simulation and modeling as the concepts are introduced and applied in the form…

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  • Pbl Strategies

    Beyond strategies and activities to promote literacy PBL brings to the table some unique benefits that contribute to learning. Paulo Blikstein of Stanford University noted a 25% increase in performance tasks when students explored materials prior to reading text or watching a video rather than after (as cited in Marshall, 2016, p. 87). Also, with the implement of PBL, students will find the content relevant when they seek to solve a problem they care about. This makes them more likely to stay…

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  • Theoretical Basis Of Project Based Learning

    Chapter Two: Theoretical Basis of Project Based Learning This professional development project was intended to prepare a research supported staff development presentation that sheds light on the impact Project Based Learning (PBL) has on student learning when it is implemented as a mode of instruction, and how PBL can be implemented by teachers given the constraints of time, high stakes testing, and strict scope and sequence adherence. The literature review will provide evolving definition of…

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  • Essay On Philosophy Of Physical Education

    My educational philosophy is rooted in the idea that students learn from doing while using tangible, real-life materials and experiences, and should be engaged in opportunities to experiment and question the world around them. Classroom learnings are complimented with thought out educational field trips to deepen the students’ connections. Additionally, we recognize the importance of family time, thus at home activities replaced the traditional homework ditto sheets and are simply an extension…

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  • Importance Of Inquiry Based Instruction

    nquiry-Based instruction is the teaching method researched for this paper. The research collected shows the importance of inquiry-based instruction in the 21st century schools. The students today need more instruction to allow them to discover the answer to the problem instead of the teacher always modeling the problems. Inquiry-Based instruction is a student centered teaching method and the students work in pairs or groups to solve problems. Studies have shown that students retain the…

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  • Social Constructivism In The Classroom

    Constructivism and Social Constructivism in the Classroom (From: For this work, I would like to focus on “Constructivism and Social Constructivism in the classroom” in the scope of this course. In the following sections, I will explain the meaning and the basics of constructivism theory, the origin of it and the starting point of the theory. In addition, importance of constructivism theory will be discussed. Furthermore, the supporters…

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  • The Importance Of Project-Based Learning

    starts from infancy. Effective learning has occurred through curiosity and active engagement from the very beginning. Think about how a baby discovers the world around him. He will experiment and research by touching, feeling, tasting and exploring everything in his environment. He explores with a heightened spirit of inquiry and he overloads his senses at every opportunity. Project Based Learning (PBL) is simply a way to enhance a student’s curiosity, and allow them the opportunity to work…

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  • Examples Of Field Observation

    o Earthquake team informed the group that they created a three week lesson plans for our review. Meeting adjourned Reflection After the meeting, I analyzed the meeting notes and how the meeting went. I felt that we had accomplished several things by discussing next steps and creating lesson plans. I was concerned about how Mrs. Walker took control of the meeting and how the leadership team member reacted towards her. Leadership team members were somewhat defensive and aggressive towards her.…

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  • Scaffolding: A Summary And Analysis

    Likewise, Basu, Sengupta, and Biswas (2014) describe inquiry learning as an agent of scaffolding. As the level of subject difficulty rises, it becomes more important for teachers to identify the collective comfortable pace of fading that their students will most likely succeed in. However, the pace is often either too quick or too slow for the majority of students in the classroom. In being too quick, students become disengaged as they lose confidence due to the difficulty of the concept. In…

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