My Educational Philosophy Of Classroom Education

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My educational philosophy is rooted in the idea that students learn from doing while using tangible, real-life materials and experiences, and should be engaged in opportunities to experiment and question the world around them. Classroom learnings are complimented with thought out educational field trips to deepen the students’ connections. Additionally, we recognize the importance of family time, thus at home activities replaced the traditional homework ditto sheets and are simply an extension of the classroom experience. We welcome diverse learners and as we enter the classrooms, it will be evident that the interdisciplinary thematic units are planned with the child at the center of the web. You will see evidence of learning through the …show more content…
Technology provides interactive learning experiences, engages disinterested learners and allows for on the spot assessment. Through several grants, each classroom has its own laptop and iPad cart. The equipment is also available for students and families to be used at home. Technology is a top priority because we are producing 21st century learners. As mentioned earlier, the arts are also highly encouraged. Student artwork is displayed throughout the school and we celebrate and foster their artistic expression and cultural diversity. The children work closely with local artists and musicians. We have visits from local musicians as well as musicians from the New York Philharmonic and other local agencies. We have developed relationships with various professionals from within our community who donate their time and have agreed to work with our children. We encourage parents to volunteer their time and share their knowledge, culture, and …show more content…
In addition to the open gym, we have an indoor and outdoor playground for the children to have access to physical activities regardless of weather conditions. Our adaptive physical education gym provides our children with physical disabilities the same opportunities using special equipment to achieve the same goals as our general education students. You can see through these windows, we have 2 outdoor playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts. Our main purpose is to get our children moving. Our physical education curriculum is aligned with our healthy eating habits program.
Instruction is provided through interdisciplinary units of study and incorporates project-based activities. As you walk through the room, you can hear the students talking things through, planning, and organizing ideas. Teachers collaboratively plan units of study that are rooted in inquiry-based instruction, authentic experiences, and projects to determine true understanding. It speaks to all students, no matter what the level of ability may be, including English Language Learners and Students with Disabilities. Modeling good practices and strategies in all areas are embedded throughout the learning

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