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  • Reflection On Nursing Practice

    As we are at the end of this class, I reflect on what I have learned and what I will take with me and use in my nursing practice, I came to a conclusion that this course has helped me to better myself. It has taught me very valuable skills that I will take not only to my professional life but also to my personal as well. Along with expanding my knowledge of nursing research, there were also topics throughout this course that I found not only to be exciting to learn about but also instrumentally useful. For example, what I most appreciate from this class is that it showed me how to evaluate the research. In today’s day and age – in a world of technology - most of the information lays at our fingertips and sometimes research findings can be mixed or even conflicting. The ability to decipher which research is valid, reliable, and evidence-based is one of the fundamentals that can help me to know whether evidence can be applied in my nursing practice or not. Today, the complexity of patient care demand from nurses to apply the knowledge…

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  • Nursing Theory Applied In Practice

    accomplish and new things to teach students. As an advanced practice nursing (APN) student, theory fundamentals play an important part in the future of an APN career because theories are what make nursing practice a profession (Cruz,2008). The graduate nursing theory course provided understanding about the purpose of nursing theories and application of theories into the advanced practice setting. The purpose of this paper is to further discuss how nursing theories can be applied in practice, how…

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  • Nursing Theory: Theoretical Framework For Nursing Practice

    Theoretical Framework For Nursing Practice Unit 1 – Introduction to Theory Learning Activities 1. According to Chinn & Jacobs, there are several meanings of nursing theories as shown below (Meleis, 2007): 1.1 Theory base on structuration – according to Anthony Giddens, the social structure and its relationship with one another forms a theory when a certain action or ideas are reproduced or repeated such as culture, traditions, religion, morality, learning forms a theory or a social structure…

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  • Essay On Nursing Practice In Nursing

    and Prevention (CDC), more than one-third of U.S. adults are obese. Research suggests that obesity and not exercising is the leading cause of heart disease, which is the number one cause of death in America (CDC, 2016). As the number of obese patients enter the hospital, so does the need for more health care workers and the appropriate equipment. Nurses have to provide basic care to every single patient, which ultimately leads to back injuries in the nursing field. The purpose of this paper is…

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  • Nursing Practice: Evidence Based Practice

    In recent years, our ever increasing information and technology has played a vital role in changing nursing practice. Evidence based practice (EBP) will continue to have a positive impact on the care that we provide our patients and will continue to advance our healthcare system. There have been various quality improvement initiatives that have been adopted to advance patient care and safety. In these articles, a major goal that has been identified in the hospital setting is effective…

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  • Accountability In Nursing Practice

    Webster’s Dictionary defines ‘accountability’ as an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one 's actions. Then there is the word, ‘professionalism’ as the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person. These two words are intertwined in the medical industry, especially in the field of nursing. In the article “Accountability in Nursing Practice: Why it is Important for Patient Safety, the author details how and why it is…

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  • Professionalism In Nursing Practice

    Professionalism in Nursing Practice Professionalism is defined differently according to workplace and environment. Professionalism in the television show is slightly different from the healthcare setting. This paper is talking about professionalism only in the healthcare setting, specified in the nursing profession. “Nursing is an art and science.” (Potter, Perry, Stockert, & Hall, 2015, p. 1). Professionalism in nursing practice bases on these two aspects: art and science. A nurse must have…

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  • Advanced Practice In Nursing

    Advanced Practice Roles in Nursing from Past to Present Samantha Hidalgo Nyack College Abstract Nurses have played an important role in the medical field for a long time. Nurses began to further their knowledge and capabilities which led to Advance Practice Nurse. This Research Paper describes advance practice in nursing from almost 50 years ago to how it has progress today. Including how advance practice has impacted the medical field and patient outcome. In the 1960s, Nurse…

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  • Practice Specific Concepts In Nursing Practice

    Practice Specific Concepts A concept is defined as “a symbolic representation of a phenomenon or a set of phenomena” (Peterson & Bredow, 2016, p. 1). “Theories are based on multiple concepts and were developed in an attempt to explain the reasoning behind the way something is perceived to happen” (Peterson & Bredow, 2016, p. 1). Theories ask complicated questions and seek various ways of thinking rather than to just answer a question outright (Butts & Rich, 2015, p. 79). While all nursing…

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  • Reflection Of Nursing Practice

    characteristics that intrigued me of the nursing practice was when I was a patient at Danbury Medical Center when I was 10 years old. As a patient, I began to see the care that the nurses had given me. They took their time to make sure I had the best care possible. Whenever I was in pain the nurses were there by my side. They had taken the time to make sure I was as content with my current status. I had never expected that going to the hospital from flying off a cliff on my skateboard would…

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